Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) or Safe Scrum Master ® (SSM®) – Which Course Is The Best Suited For You?

The popularity of the role of Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®) from Scrum Alliance is not only quite well established, but it also works as the starting point for anyone who is willing to start their journey to get a certification in the software development industry in a scrum environment. At the same time, the SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM®) certification has established its necessity when it comes to the huge demand for scrum masters in any organization or enterprise, no matter how big or small it is as well as no matter how many teams it has in it.

But it should also be taken into consideration that along with so many certifications available in the agile framework, it becomes increasingly challenging to pick a specific course that will be helpful in promoting your career, improve your agile skills, and at the same time benchmark your agile practices perfectly. So gear yourself up, since in this article we will be sharing with you which SAFe course – the CSM® or the SSM®, is the best suited for you!

1. What Is the Main Focus of the Course –

The main focus of the CSM® learning course is to get an understanding of the Scrum Master role, but at a team level, whereas the main focus of the SSM® training course is to get the understanding of the scrum master role, as well as to get a bigger picture of the whole program, that is through the release train.

2. What Are the Events in the Program –

The events in the CSM® course are mostly leaning team related, such as sprint planning and review, sprint retrospective, and daily stand up. Whereas the events in the SSM® course include iteration planning, review, and retrospective, daily stand up, and Program Increment Planning (that is the release train events).

3. What are the Interactions In The Program –

The CSM® course gives an understanding of the scrum master’s interaction with the product owner song with the rest of the team. Whereas in the SSM® course you get an insight into the scrum master’s interaction with the rest of the team including the product owner, scrum master, program manager, product manager, and the system architects.

4. What are the Concepts and Principles of the Program –

The concepts of the CSM® learning course include understanding the Agile methodology, along with the scrum principles and its XP. Whereas in the SSM® learning course, you will learn about the concepts and principles of the agile methodology as a whole, along with the scrum principles, lean principles, its XP, systematic thinking, DevOps, and the Kanban for flow. 


Whether it is to give a boost to your portfolio or to give a boost to the programs and working of the organization, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) has gained immense popularity and is continuing to do so. But in order to become a precious part of the agile team, you need to choose your role carefully. We hope the article was helpful in doing so!

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