Can Age Be A Reason Behind Erectile Dysfunction in Australia?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction has become much more common among older men in our society. With the increase in age, the overall health of our body decreases, and sometimes our penis has a problem to attain sufficient erection. We cannot generalize a single age after which a person would start experiencing such problems. Erectile dysfunction does not have a common reason behind its development; it could happen due to numerous diseases. If pointing out a single reason was easy many people would not Buy Cialis Tadora 20mg in Australia they would look for immediate treatment of the problem.

Does ED Get Worse with Age?

I understand erectile dysfunction is not a medical condition that anyone wants to deal with. However, according to some report’s men above forty years of age start to experience some degree of impotence. The percentage of males being affected by ED is much less but we could say that it is a natural part of aging. There are numerous physical and psychological reasons for the development of erectile dysfunction. However, the physical reasons behind the development of ED increase with the age of a person. The main reason is that personal health gets worse with age and they are much more susceptible to illness. Some of the common chronic diseases found in older patients suffering from ED are discussed ahead.

Cardiovascular Diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases are a general term used for various heart and blood vessel diseases. As erectile dysfunction happens due to the hindered supply of blood to the penis tissues therefore cardiovascular diseases are the main reason behind its development. These diseases could develop in a person due to various reasons some common reasons include smoking, obesity, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise in the daily routine.


Another leading cause of erectile dysfunction is a common disease found in almost every person above forty years of age. Diabetes is a disease in which the blood sugar level increases that high sugar level causes damage to the blood vessels therefore it eventually leads to impotence. Moreover, it can cause damage to the nervous system which results in reduced sensitivity of your penis. Thus, diabetic patients need to be much more careful with their diet so that they effectively regulate blood sugar levels.


Where pharmaceutical companies such as Oz Meds Online are providing some excellent erectile dysfunction medication there is some regular medication that can cause ED. As older men take a lot of regular medication than younger men they are at higher risk. Some common blood pressure medications, antidepressants, beta-blockers, and others are a reason behind the development of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, always consult your doctor and ask them to write only those medicine prescriptions that don’t cause ED as a side effect.


There are many psychological conditions or mental health diseases that could interfere with your penis erection. Psychological conditions could develop in every person but the depression and anxiety you feel if left untreated could cause impotence. Emotional issues in a relationship and being in relation for a longer period, aged males could experience a loss of attraction towards their partner. Therefore, if you experience such an issue always consult a therapist to return to your normal life.  

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