Can Affiliate Marketing and AdSense Be Used Side By Side?

We come across a lot of questions regarding Affiliate ads and Google AdSense. But, most of the people want to know whether they can be used side by side. The answer is yes, but it is applicable for the informative blog posts. There are some rules that you need to follow like- keeping a perfect gap between the AdSense ads and affiliate ads, and mention clearly, which is a sponsored link and which is an ad. Below down, are some of the points that will help you to overcome your doubts.

What is affiliate marketing, and how does it work?

When you promote other company’s or people’s products and earn a commission from it, is known as affiliate marketing. In other words, you need to find and promote a product that you like to others, and you will earn profit from each of the sales you make. In Affiliate Marketing Malaysia, you are given two options to choose from. You can become a merchant, and promote your products through others, and give them the commission from the sales. Or, you can be an affiliate marketer for one or multiple products that you would like to promote.

To make money, you just need to market the products to the consumers. To become a merchant, come up with a product idea, validate the idea, make the product and finally find affiliate program partners.

What is AdSense, and how does it work?

To earn money from the online content, Google AdSense provides the publishers with a way out. AdSense matches ads to the website based on the audience and content. The advertisers who keep interested and want to promote their products, create the ads and pay for them. The prices paid by the advertisers varies from one ad to the other. Therefore, your earnings will also vary. AdSense works in three steps. 

You need to paste ad code on your website to make sure that your ad spaces are available, and then choose the place where you would like your ad to appear. Now, in the real-time auction, the advertisers will bid to show in the ad spaces. The highest-paid ads get displayed on your website. Now, Google will handle the billing process so that you get your payment.

How can affiliate marketing and AdSense be used together?

Any of the affiliate programs that you can think of can indeed be put into work side by side with AdSense, on the same page. Putting them side by side does not violate any of the AdSense policies. Even the official page of AdSense claims it to be true. Publishers are allowed to display up to three standard Google ad units. 

This can be done on any of the webpages. But, if you choose to do so, your efforts must be clear to the users, so that they can understand that different networks serve the ads and that the non-Google ads are not associated in any way with Google. 

The restrictions:

Do not keep on adding multiple affiliate banners and linking ads on the blog. There are some rules that you must keep in mind before taking further steps. Put optimum limits on the number of ads on the blog, because if the number of ads is greater than the real content, it can put the account in danger. Check-out the AdSense policies and be sure that the ads are not linked to any content that is against the policies. Make use of NoFollow tag, as it is a good SEO practice, and the Google AdSense code must not be modified.  


To conclude, affiliate ads can work together with Google AdSense. But, before you dive down into the depths of affiliate marketing, before making the implementations, make sure you learn the tricks. Replace your low performing ad units with affiliate ads directly. Define your objectives, and build a robust strategy to give a quick-push to your business. 

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