Cable Crimping Tool for All Types of Connectors

Electrical systems have made our lives more comfortable. Look around and you will see electrical systems everywhere. For instance, your car has an electrical system too. It has a battery, an alternator, a spark plug per cylinder (in vintage cars only), and other electrical components.

The automotive industry has adopted wire connectors to connect these components. Other industries have followed suit and use connectors instead of soldering. In all these cases, wire crimping tools are required. You can buy them from

In this article, you will learn the benefits of using a crimping tool instead of soldering to connect cables. You will also learn to crimp a connection. So, read on to know more about these topics and the site

Wire Connectors versus Soldering, Which Is Better?

Why do these industries prefer connectors? Connectors have many advantages for applications where cables are operated in tough environments. For example, welding machines use connectors to connect the electrode cable to its terminal. The same is done for the ground cable. Each of these cables is as thick as a rope. The connectors enhance safety and reliability while welding. Well, this is one of many examples.

Summarizing, crimping a connector has the following advantages over soldering:

  • More durability. Using a connector makes the connection much more resistant to moisture and other weather elements. The connection is hermetically closed by a stainless steel ferrule or heat shrink tubing;
  • Strong and reliable connections. Unlike soldering, crimping provides connections that won’t deteriorate over time;
  • Easy and fast connections. Using wire crimpers is much easier than soldering. Moreover, the crimping process is quite fast.

Hence, you can easily see why different industries prefer connectors over soldering. If you are an electrician or a DIY hobbyist, you should also adopt this way of connecting cables. It is easy. You can buy everything you need to do it at This online shop has a wider selection of connectors than general hardware stores like Menards.

How to Use a Crimping Tool

Using a cable crimping tool is quite easy. A crimping tool looks like pliers. It has holes of different sizes. To crimp a connection, you need to place the connector into the hole that corresponds to its size. Then, you have to expose the wire or cable. Remove the insulation carefully to avoid damaging the conductor. Then, place the end of the wire or cable in the slot of the connector. Make sure that not a single strand is left outside if you’re using a cable.

Finally, press the tool handles. This will secure the connection. If you are using heat shrink tubing for sealing, just slip it down to cover the connection. Heat the tubing to seal the connection. That’s all, your wire or cable is now firmly attached to the connector. You can get all these materials from You can buy crimping tools, ferrules, connectors (ring, barbed, fork, etc.).

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