Bring Peace In The House With A Buddha Painting

Paintings of Lord Buddha can be considered to be the symbol of wealth and prosperity for many years now. A lot of Hindus and Buddishts thus believe in installing a Budcdha painting in their home or office spaces.

They can install Buddha image paintings at their homes because they believe that by doing it, one can get some spiritual enlightenment and some divine peace. Many people crave for mental peace these days and in order to bring that peaceful ambience to their personal space they get encouragement from Lord Buddha.

There are several other reasons to install Buddha paintings at home or at office. This is mainly because of Vastu Shastra. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra believers say that if one can install a Lord Buddha painting at their office or home then it can bring them a huge source of fortune. Feng Shui says it can increase the flow of Chi. Now what does Chi means? Chi as per the Chinese studies is a kind of energy which can remain omnipresent. This means it can be everywhere. If a house or an office space has presence of Chi then there will not only be balance and harmony but there will also be a constant flow of joy and wealth.

Buddha paintings also symbolize innocence and bliss. If one has already installed a painting of Buddha on their house then it is said that it can protect the house from all kind of bad and negative energies. If one can install a Budhha painting at their office space then it can help them to reduce stress and feel much relaxed which is very much needed when one is under constant pressure.

One can just install a Budhha painting at the entrance of their house if they want to. There is no need to become a Buddhist by religion or an ardent Buddhist believer for that. But yes, when one has decided to install lord Buddha paintings in their house of office, then they need know a few details that are necessary to know:

  • One must avoid the placement of this painting at any ground level of the space like a garage or the basement.
  • One has to place the Buddha painting at a high level because it means they are showing respect and giving much importance to the painting. This can create a lot of positive vibes around.
  • One can place them in a study or the work area because it can help one to give more importance to their emotional well being.
  • Installing a Budhha painting just opposite of the front door of the house can also prevent any kind of bad intruders or harmful visitors. Buddha can keep showering blessings on the people.
  • Keeping the painting in a living room of a house can bring happiness, peace and prosperity to the household and its members.

One can look for good quality Buddha paintings at stores or even online and then install them accordingly.

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