Better Living: Easy Summer Home Improvements You Could Do This 2021

Summer is just around the corner, and have you made sure that you have successfully prepared your home for the shift from holiday-themed to summer-themed? As summer arrives, it is expected that the temperature will increase. However, sometimes simple cleaning is not enough to make the house feel cooler during these hot climates.

Summer is the best time to work on some improvements you could make in your home! There is no worry about the messes brought with rain, muds, or even ice. It’s a great time to enjoy and get out by creating some projects at home that each member of your family could share. Renovating your space during summer will save you from a lot of chaos brought by other climatic changes.

Also, starting some improvements during summer will help prepare your home for the coming holidays! If you’re part of those people who want to make their home more comfortable and liveable this summer, then you’re at the right place. Check out below the five upgrades you could do for your home this summer.

Get a New Mattress

Summer is the perfect time to switch from those heavy blankets to get lighter and comfier sleeping essentials. Most people struggle to sleep during summertime months when warmer nights start to strike and ruin their good night’s sleep. It could be uncomfortable to sleep on a hot mattress, and they don’t get to have the necessary rest that they need.

But, finding the best beds during summer is easy. A latex mattress is on the top list of mattresses that are ideal to be used during summer. This mattress makes air-circulation good making them a fan favorite. Also, the air does not get trapped in this mattress, and the breathability is so good. It comes in various sizes, so you don’t have to worry about finding the best fit for you.

Have Better Window Decorations

Having the right curtain windows could significantly improve the temperature inside your home, especially during those hot summer months. Using the proper kind of curtain for your window can help reduce the heat that could enter your home.

In choosing a curtain, opt for light-colored ones for rooms that are hit with direct sunlight. Using light-colored ones is better since they are less prone to fading from the sun’s rays. On the contrary, use dark and bright colored curtains during winter. Also, other blinds and window treatments could effectively help keep the house cool.

Upgrade Your Fans

Summertime will surely feel hot. So, to help you have a cooler feeling at home, ditch those old fans that you have and start investing in a better one. A better and high-quality fan could give you benefits, especially if you invested in an energy-efficient appliance. Not to mention, it could improve the overall circulation of wind in the house.

Also, a tip-in using a fan during summer is that the fan’s direction should move counterclockwise, meaning from right to left. So for ceiling fans, this trick will cause the fan’s blade to push the cooler air in a downward motion, which will make it feel cooler on the skin. You could also set them to medium or high speed to better feel the cooler wind.

Fix Your Closet

Organizing your cabinets could not only lessen the items you have in stock but also gives you more space for more summertime essentials you need to store. You may start by keeping all your winter clothes in a separate area to make more room for summer clothes. In this way, you are also creating better ventilation in that area, thus reducing heat.

Create Interior Design Improvements

Summer could be a really hot time to do things outside. So, a better way to have fun inside the house is to create some interior improvement projects you and your family members could enjoy. You can start with incorporating some easy gallery walls like sticking some family photos or frame your children’s colorful outwork.

Another great interior design is to add a chalkboard wall. A chalkboard wall is beneficial if you want to list some things on the wall, teach some of the kids in your home, or practice your drawing skills. You could be as creative as you want. In this way, you could easily erase what you have drawn and do another one anytime you want.


Any kind of home improvement is best done when the time is right, and there are fewer factors that could affect the progress of your projects. It will be up to you how badly you want to create changes in your home, no matter what season.

Some may think that summer is not the best time to start some home renovations, but the doable points above, hopefully, could give you a reason to try. Nothing beats a home with its owners’ ideas incorporated in coming up with their dream summer house!

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