8 Best popular Cutting Boards for Japanese Knives

Japanese knives have a reputation for being extra sharp. It is no wonder that there are specific cutting boards for Japanese knives.

Their blades not only remain sharp for long before needing sharpening again, but they cut better as well. This can be explained by the type of steel used in the creation of Japanese blades.

The steel has a high carbon content that enables them to be more rigid and harder. Japanese manufacturers also possess the traditional know-how and Japanese skills used in making katanas, sabers, and such, hence their uncanny ability to produce quality knives.

Knives from Japan have gained recognition in many parts of the world- especially the West- and are proving to be a necessity in many restaurants and households. Studies reveal that 85% of chefs in the West use Japanese knives in their kitchen. And that at least 50% of homeowners prefer a blade from Japan.

Types of Japanese Knives

There are plenty of blades from Japan, but here are the most common ones:

  1. Kiritsuke

The kiritsuke has a trademark angled tip and is quite challenging to use. Cutting boards for Japanese knives should, therefore, be used for this piece of cutlery. They are mostly used for chopping sliced meat, and they have such a specific design that longer ones closely resemble a short sword.

2. Yanagiba

A Yanagida is a common sushi knife and is very hard, long, and sharp. Their length enables them to slice through nearly anything with one seamless cut rather than the usual back and forth motion. It has Japanese inscriptions on its blade, giving it an appealing yet lethal look.

3. Petty

A Petty knife is a small paring or utility knife that Japanese chefs use to work on vegetables and small fruits. It can be used both as a utility knife for preparing meals or styling fruits in a presentable fashion.

There are cutting boards for Japanese knives such as the ones above and many others. Some of these chopping boards are:

4. The Yamako Hinoki Wooden Cutting Board

The Yamako Hinoki cutting board is one of the best cutting boards for Japanese knives. It is easy to clean and reversible with round ends and is crafted in Japan.

It is made from original Hinoki Japanese cypress wood. As such, it has the strength to persevere a Japanese blade’s sharpness without damaging or getting damaged. Its round ends keep it from touching the work surface, thus, maintaining its neat appearance.

5. Asahi Gomu Synthetic Rubber Cutting Board

This impressive blade is among the cutting boards for Japanese knives that are commonly used. It is created from elastomer, a synthetic rubber material, that keeps both the knife and board in good condition by reducing friction.

Its impressive weight of roughly three pounds makes it a strong and reliable kitchen item.

6 Kiso Hinoki Cutting Boards

The Kiso Hinoki board is one of the most gentle cutting boards for Japanese knives. Though it is relatively heavy, it is made from Japanese cypress, which has a soft characteristic.

This enables it to offer you ample space for working while protecting your work surface and keeping your knife sharp and effective.

Though it is wooden, you will not have to worry about bacteria and mold growing on it as it is sufficient in natural phytoncide compounds.

7. Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board

Every cutting board has its distinct feature, and this board is arguably one of the most cost-effective cutting boards for Japanese knives. It is made from cypress and is slightly soft to reduce the impact that a knife may have on it.

The smoothness also enables it to maintain the integrity of your Japanese blade.

8. Kodai Hinoki Japanese Cypress Wood Cutting Board

The Kodai Hinoki board is one of the thinnest cutting boards for Japanese knives. It is bacteria and stain-resistant and is incredibly lightweight.

Like most of the knives in this list, it is gentle on your cutlery since it is crafted from Japanese Hinoki softwood.

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