Benefits of giving class 5 IMO

Class nine marks a serious phase in one’s life. At this stage, students get a lot of advice and pressure from parents and teachers etc. The academics are pushed to the forefront and other activities and hobbies are sidelined. But, have a balanced lifestyle don’t just be a bookworm. Try new ways of learning and testing your abilities such as the Olympiad. There are many reasons and benefits why students should appear for the Olympiad exam early on in their academic careers. Let’s have a look at a few of these beneficial reasons.

  • Learning

One needs to keep innovating and finding newer ways to learn more and better. The Olympiad provides a great opportunity for learning to every participant. One learns beyond the school curriculum, textbook syllabus and one’s knowledge. The olympiad prepares students mentally, emotionally and physically as well. One finds purpose in preparation and also explores the new horizons of the subject of interest. The learning in the process of this exam is very dynamic and offers rewards of personal growth and skill set as well. This also prepares students for upcoming future opportunities. This exam keeps the mind open to opportunities beyond school life and curriculum.

  • Don’t fall behind

This Olympiad is a great chance to not just cover up but also compete at the international level. The students get to know about their score, understanding of the subject and international score/ percentile. This exam also helps you to stay ahead of the level of your school syllabus as the olympiad is designed to be tougher than regular school exams. Thus, your preparation for the exam elevates your basics of textbook knowledge. This exam provides an opportunity to enhance not only your applied knowledge of the subject but also your personality. This preparation process is almost like a mini-training session for students on how to strategize for an exam. One must keep participating in such opportunities and challenges for constant growth and to not fall behind among peers for syllabus and knowledge.

  • Prepares one for tougher parts

The Olympiad is usually the introductory exam to the students about future exams. This exam orients a students attention and mindset in a very mild and stress-free way. The students learn to strategize, prepare and organise for an exam. The concept of previous year papers such as Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 5 Maths 2013 helps to understand the importance of the pattern in which an exam is set and the overall degree of toughness of an exam. This lets the students take independent decisions while preparation and during preparation as well. The students who stay sincere while preparation understands the critical art of balanced life and academic success as well. It’s an experience that helps to achieve mental strength and abilities as well.

  • Opportunity and success

The participants learn to acknowledge every opportunity that comes their way. They drop the idea that an exam is just to test them or to stress them. They begin to look at the olympiad in a different light. It’s not a regular school exam or test. This is an exam beyond the mundane school curriculum. The Olympiad lets one explore the interesting tips, tricks and formulas that are beyond the scope of the school syllabus. This exam is not just an opportunity but also lets one taste success. The success gained in this exam in terms of merit or newer knowledge boosts the participant’s morale. One appreciates success and the hard work behind it. The Olympiad is like an equal opportunity for every student to compete in a healthy environment and grow. This exam does not typecast students as poor, average or so. Instead makes them aware of the international levels of skill set and competition within the city and state.

  • Leadership qualities

It is usually seen in students who have a plan for themselves and the preparation they have leadership qualities as well. These qualities are honed and polished in situations like these. These experiences allow one to take decisions and be in charge of the situation. The tougher sections of the exam test the pressure handling ability of the student. The ones who are capable to handle tense moments while attempting the exam lead an example. These students possess leadership and decision making qualities that express at these times. The olympiad helps one to hone and express multiple skills and personality traits. Thus, the scope of growth with just one exam is enormous. These exams should not be overlooked or taken as a burden. Rather it is cherished for the learning graph.

  • Removes fear and anxiety

It is seen that many students dread exams. They fear failure, marks and grades. This exam, the Olympiad does not stereotypically bind you with fear or stress. This exam is a voluntary choice with no serious repercussions. The scoring system is also not designed in a way to embarrass the participants. Instead, the score engages the students with international talent and ropes them for more hard work in the next attempt. Fear and anxiety during the exam can spoil the whole examination. The students sitting to appear in the exam must be able to handle stress during the exam. This quality is built with aggressive testing and mock tests. The students don’t change overnight but evolve with practice and time.

The benefits of examinations are many. The cons can be dealt with with the supervision of seniors and experts. Students should take up exams with a positive mindset and not fear the results. The aim of any examination is not to tell you are good or bad but to prepare you for the bigger exams of life.

The olympiad (in class 5) is a great way to put your knowledge to the test, take the risk and prepare for an exam. This experience at this stage in life will bring you great learnings. The lessons learnt from this process will help you do many-fold better in the upcoming exams and testing times in life.

Stay focused and ahead in practice always.


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