Am I qualified for Masters in UK? The eligibility criteria

The UK is the central hub of the education system where the students will only get high-quality education no matter it is an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Most important is to have experienced among the teachers that completely defines the quality education.

Today, this is the reason most international students are preferring to complete their masters in the UK because UK graduated students will know only become famous till the UK, but it will help him/her to open career doors throughout the entire world. There are many other reasons, students wanted to pursue their career from the UK universities and these reasons are:

Top universities in the world

  • The UK contains some of the world’s top universities that provide a high quality of education to students. University of oxford and the University of Cambridge is one of them that are situated in the UK.
  • According to some researchers, 7 to 8 universities in the UK are in the top 10 in the ranking.

Experienced and helpful professors

  • UK universities are full of experienced professors who do not only prepare students mentally but also prepare them physically too.
  • Sometimes even professors become too helpful students can even ask them to help me to “do my dissertation”.

Huge online services.

Have you ever seen students become frustrated after searching a lot for “pay someone to write my assignment”? of course, most of the students become frustrated because it has become very difficult to find an expert, but in the UK students won’t face such types of problems due to the high availability of these experts.

Duration of the programs

Almost every country takes 2 years to complete a master’s program. However, the UK only takes 1 year to complete the master’s program. Although, it depends upon the program, but in most cases, it takes only a year to complete a master’s program.


Every high-quality product has a high price, but here in the case of high-quality education, you can still get it at an affordable price. Yes, you heard it right; the UK is providing a high quality of education even at an affordable price as compared to other countries.

Secure future

Every student wants to study in a university that can secure their future even every parent want to study their child at the top universities so that their child won’t face any difficulty in the future. This is the reason; most parents even choose to study their child in the UK because UK graduation will open many doors in this entire world.


Do you want a high quality of education for free or at a very cheap rate? If so, choose the UK to pursue a career because the UK provides huge benefits to their students including insurance, scholarships, medical, etc. even some scholarships provide monthly stipends to the students to survive in the UK.

Here, the question is how to become eligible for a UK university for a master’s program. So, to get this answer, take a look below.

Eligibility criteria for master’s in the UK

Every institute has its own requirement according to the program, but the most common requirement almost every university demands. These are:

Bachelor’s degree

  • All master’s degree requires a bachelor’s degree. Although, a bachelor’s degree should contain a minimum 3.0 CGPA. However, it varies from university to university but most universities accept those who have achieved 3.0 CGPA in their bachelor’s degree.
  • Additionally, some institutes require even some special courses to be completed with your bachelor’s degree. Otherwise, they won’t entertain you no matter you have completed your bachelor’s with a 3.0 CGPA.

GRE or GMAT score

GRE and GMAT score varies from institute to institute. Like Oxford University accepts candidates having 160 in verbal and quantitative, and accepts those who achieve 690 in GMAT. While in the case of Cambridge university average GRE requirement is 167 in quantitative, 4.0 in writing and the average GMAT requirement is 640-730.

English proficiency test

  • This test is required for international students to show whether they are proficient in English or not.
  • To prove proficiency in English students can give IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, etc.
  • Make sure to choose according to university requirements because not every university accepts every type of test score.

Work experience

Most programs do not require any professional experience, but there are some programs like medicine, education, etc. that always require experience and it should be a minimum of two years.

This is the most important component of applying to any university because a master’s programme is an advanced study of a bachelor’s degree in which you simply have to be practical, and the more work experience you have, the more practical knowledge you will have.

Personal statement

  • While filling out an admission form, have you ever seen a section of a personal statement? This section is very important which you have to fill carefully. Through this section, the institute would be able to know why you are applying for this section, why you are fit for this course, and how you will pass this course.
  • Therefore, it is very important to fill out this section very carefully because your answers can impress the admission recruiter.
  • With the help of a personal statement, students can show their non-academic qualities (Jones, Steven, 2012).

Before submitting an application form, it is very important to check all the documents because once you fail to submit any of the documents then your eligibility would be discarded no matter how good you have performed in your previous qualification. Therefore, below you will the important documents that are very important for the master’s program.

Important documents for the master’s in the UK

Here are some documents which are very important to keep with yourself while submitting an admission form.

  • Application form
  • Academic transcripts
  • English proficiency test score
  • Personal statement
  • Recommendation letter ( a letter that is written by someone to vouch your abilities. (MEW, 2022))
  • CV

Final thoughts

Everyone dream to study in the top universities of the UK, but some of them can make it a reality by doing a huge struggle. However, some get rejected even after doing a lot of struggle just because of some eligibility criteria and documents. Therefore, we have concluded this article with such type of information that will help you to know everything about the admission procedure in UK universities.


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