Advantages of Custom Business Intelligence Solutions?

Advantages of Custom Business Intelligence Solutions?

Business intelligence (BI) has taken the corporate world by storm. About 45% of companies worldwide are using business intelligence in some way or the other. Undoubtedly, business intelligence has made strong foundations in channeling the corporate culture, biased to a more analytical approach backed by data science. 

Business Intelligence Tools can be Complex

Although Business intelligence service providers are well equipped with necessary tools that can cater operational intelligence and data handling requirements of businesses. There still exists the complexity of the BI platform itself, as these systems were developed, rather on a general basis, made in the same way for all organizations, regardless of their type, scale and mode of operandi.

Why Go For Custom Based Business Intelligent

Moreover, no one understands your business better than you. Ever wonder how simple and effective it will be , if you can have a business intelligence tool that is specifically designed to suit your business needs and saves you from paying extra bucks for unused features. Probably it will be a good decision managerially and financially. 

Thus, business intelligence is a prime candidate for ‘customization’. Thus, Custom Business Intelligence Solutions is a great adaption to modern-day business intelligence that gives the user complete control to design his own BI platform.

Benefits of Custom Business Intelligence Solutions

6 main advantages of Custom Business Intelligence Solutions are highlighted here. However, if you are looking for any service, we recommend you to follow get reliable service

Application Based BI: Custom based BI helps you develop those BI platforms that suit your application requirements. Add those features you want to have. This gives you the complete freedom to choose those elements that are relevant to your business—giving you the complete freedom to optimize the visualizations, database and iteration methods as per your requirements.

Faster BI Support: Customized BI helps to optimize your BI tool’s processing speed, as they have been scrutinized. Only desired functions are loaded in the BI platform that optimizes the memory and data architecture for faster data processing and execution.

BI that suits System: With a general BI platform, you have to adjust your system as per BI. Typically system has to be compromised to get the BI going. Studies show that only 80% coherence is achieved between the BI tool and your system, even if best-case scenarios are considered. Custom based BI can be tailored to achieve 100% usage. Moreover, you don’t have to alternate your system as per BI. The BI tool is structured to suit your system.

Custom Data Management: Control your database more effectively. The customized data architecture helps you transform your data for deeper insights as per your business models. Even use location-based data blocks based on a demographical customer base. You are narrowing and sharping your customer profile to maximize targeted marketing or tracking.

Easy Interface: Custom-based BI tools can be created much quicker than general ones. Since they both have similar structural architecture, a customized BI can be embedded into the previous Bi tool as an extension, and even can be used as standalone BI platform.

Write Back BI tools: Most of the BI tools come only with a read-only data feature. These systems can only read the data from the database. Custom based BIs can be developed that can help you both read and write data from the database. This opens numerous possibilities for variable database systems.

Fine Tuning Business Intelligence 

If you can excel in Maths, then why study Latin. The same applies to Custom Business Intelligence Solutions. Why pay for extra BI features when you never use them. Going for custom based BI tools is undoubtedly the way of tuning business intelligence for smarter and targeted results. It’s like hitting the bull eye.

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