Add a Solar Battery to Your Solar Panel System

Batteries are the important components of solar systems for power storage. In the past, high costs and low efficiencies of batteries did not make solar an attractive choice for many. Things are changing now, because new and efficient batteries with superior storage capacities are being introduced in the market.

Also more companies have joined the battery manufacturing race, and are offering lower prices to beat their competition. Therefore, solar power has realistically become a viable option for those who wish to harness renewable energy from outside the grid.

If you are wondering whether you should install batteries in your present solar system, then the answer will usually be yes!  There are different ways you can integrate batteries into your existing solar system. You will need to consult with professional installers to get a proper idea on the type and storage capacity of the batteries.

Does adding a solar battery make any sense for you?

If you are mainly interested in reducing your carbon footprint, then you must consider adding a solar battery to your existing home solar system. Of course, you will be saving money in the long run on your monthly energy bills. Your investment will eventually pay itself off.

However, to make sure that it is a sound financial decision, it will be more important to weigh up your total cost of the solar batteries and their installation cost, against how much amount you are likely to save over a period of time.

Whether it will be your right decision for you will largely depend upon your present pattern of electricity consumption, present circumstances of yours, and also your motivation. It will be a good idea if you consult an expert in solar installations, and get proper advice on whether to add a battery into your existing solar system, or not.

Deciding on power backup capacity

Usually, most solar batteries are designed for small-scale use, and are built to be compatible with existing solar panel systems.

If you are looking to go totally off grid, then you will need more power storage as per the consumption. You will need to invest on bigger batteries. The other choice is to go partially off grid, and use solar power for few selected applications.

The choice of power backup capacity will also depend on the climatic conditions. For example, if the climate at your place is cloudy, rainy, or snowy for an extended period, then you will find the need to store power for a longer duration. In such cases, you will need heavy duty batteries for the backup.

If you generally face longer power outages for more than 3-4 hours, then it would make sense to use a larger battery for backup. That will save you from getting totally blacked-out due to insufficient backup.

On the other hand, if you are using solar power to mitigate the high power costs from the grid, then smaller batteries will perfectly meet your needs. Here you will not need to store power for longer durations.

Every energy storage project can be different. If you want to add a backup battery to your existing solar system, then you must discuss the specifics about your system, your electricity consumption, and your storage objectives, with your installer. It will help you decide on what kind of solar power backup system will be best for your home.

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