Accessories Women Love To See Men Wear

We can all agree that those small add-ons to men’s outfits are very sexy and can take a man from regular to classy.

Accessories have many benefits in that they help you create a personal style, bring an extra touch that communicates that you care about your appearance, and even improve your self-confidence. 

However, with accessories, you have to get it right. The wrong accessories can make you look anything from ghetto to outright stupid.

So, the question is, what accessories should you be wearing and how? 

How to Choose Accessories

There are very few absolutes in fashion, and one of those is that everything you wear has to suit you. That being said, what are the things you should consider when choosing your accessories? Whether you’re choosing accessories for your everyday look or accessories to show off to your live cam model, the next time you have live skype sex, you should follow these rules. 

Everything Must Be Color Coordinated 

While we are not asking that you wear the same color all through (although you can do that if you can pull it off), keep your colors together. The color of your accessories should not clash with the color of your outfit. 

Your Accessories Must Match Your Style

Any accessories you choose should match your style and personality. If you prefer to dress simple, keep your accessories simple. And if you prefer the rugged bad boy style, select accessories to kill that look. 

Choose Quality Accessories 

Quality over quantity, always. You don’t want to go around town logging a garish-looking bracelet and odd-looking necklaces. Always choose quality accessories that would last for a while. Remember, quality doesn’t equal expensive. 

Accessories Every Man Should Own


You should let go of the idea that jewelry is the exclusive preserve of women. Men can rock jewelry and rock it well. Whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, or even earrings, just make sure you keep it all well-coordinated together. 


Wristwatches are timeless and functional accessories that women absolutely love to see their men wearing. Just like every other accessory, there are wristwatches for different styles and looks.

You can have a digital watch for that casual hangout, an inexpensive analog one for everyday use, or statement timepieces for your tux. 


When it comes to belts, you should be looking at the buckle, and the color, except you’re choosing a statement belt. As a general rule, your belt color should match the color of your shoes. Wear a black belt if you’re wearing black shoes and a brown belt if you’re wearing brown shoes.

Also, choose stately buckles, and you should buy belts with removable buckles so you can always switch them out. 


Women love a man with a stylish bag. You should consider a more stylish alternative to that all-purpose duffel bag. Stylish doesn’t necessarily mean effeminate, so you can opt for a leather shoulder bag or portfolio to keep your stuff and complete your look. 


Sunglasses are a wardrobe essential for any man. Asides from the numerous health benefits of sunglasses, they’re also stylish additions to any outfit. Sunglasses come in different shapes and designs to suit your style, eye shape, event, and personality.  

Leather Wrist Bands 

Wristbands are women’s favorite. Just like necklaces, it gives them something to start a conversation about and twirl around their fingers. Just make sure you are not choosing boring pieces. 


Hats are also one of the accessories women love to see men wear. There are a variety of hats available, all of which can transform a guy from boring to stylish. Berets, baseball hats, and bucket hats are general favorites. 


Aside from being a practical way of keeping your stuff intact, wallets are accessories that women love to see. Women love slim wallets that can easily fit into a pant’s pocket and not leave an unnecessary bulge. Leather wallets in dark colors are widely popular. 

Bandanas, Scarves, Brooches 

Women love a nice little silk scarf or a bandana around the collar or on the head if you can pull it off. Whichever way you choose to style these accessories, the key is for you to make it look stylish, not effeminate or gangster. 

Suit Accessories 

Men who wear suits, lapel pins, and pocket squares to accentuate your suits tells the ladies that you are a man with a great sense of style. A nice tie never hurts anyone; just make sure it is the right texture and color for your look. 

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