9 Amazing Facts About The Internet You Should Know About

The internet is now available to practically everyone on the planet. In fact, you are reading this article while you are connected to the internet. 

But how well do you understand the internet? 

Do you realize that the web information you may access via Google accounts for only 10% of the total information available on the internet? 

Yes, it is true. In fact, movie streaming sites such as The Pirate Bay also contain only 10% of video content available in the world.

The Web celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014. To be more specific, Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, released the WWW code to the public on 19th August 2014. 

Let’s find out some fantastic facts about the internet.

Amazing Facts About The Internet You Must Know In 2022

The internet is more significant than you can believe and continues to grow with each passing minute. Every day, millions of events occur on the internet every day, making it nearly difficult for a human to keep track of them.

Everyone should know some incredible internet facts, yet the list doesn’t end there. 

1: More Than 1.9 Billion Websites Are There On The Internet

According to a poll conducted on 14th October 2018, there are at least 4.46 billion web pages on the internet, with millions more being added every day. 

According to the same study, over 1.9 billion websites and over 441 million Tumblr blogs are active. 

Every day, about 5 million blog entries are written for your knowledge.

2: More Than 50% Of Website Traffic Is Fake

Cisco, the world’s leader in IT and networking, projects that by 2021, video streaming will account for 82% of all IP traffic. 

It is based on the fact that in 2016, internet users utilized one Zettabyte of bandwidth or more than a trillion gigabytes. 

According to recent research, over two-thirds of all website traffic is produced by Internet bots and viruses rather than humans.

3: The First Email Was Sent In 1971

In the late 1990s, the first web-based email was sent. 

However, in the 1960s, a primitive version of the email was built that used ARPANET to share it with the linked computer systems. 

Ray Tomlinson, a US programmer who pioneered the email system, sent the email. He utilized the “@” to indicate that the email was sent to a human rather than a computer.

4: Twitter Was Originally Known As Twttr

On 21st March 2006, Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet, which read, “just setting up my twttr.” 

Twitter was initially referred to be SMS-based social networking, and as such, it had a character limit of 140, which has now been increased to 280. 

The site you see today has changed significantly in recent years, and it currently has over 335 million active users who post 500 million tweets every day.

5: 4 Billion People Use Internet Daily

There are currently 3.58 billion Internet users globally, accounting for over 47% of the global population. 

Asia accounts for almost half of all these Internet users. The other half are drivers stuck in traffic. 

According to ICT, about 4 billion people, or nearly half of the world’s population, are connected to the internet, and this number is increasing every year.

6: More Than 30% Of Global Population Is A Facebook Member

Facebook has a user base of 2.234 billion people. 

In 2018, this social networking platform had 1.74 billion mobile active users. According to studies, exactly half of all internet users use Facebook. 

Facebook accounts for about 80% of internet users. But, in reality, Facebook and all of its partner applications and services use an average of 50 minutes of our time every day worldwide.

7: YouTube Is The Best Video Streaming Platform

YouTube has over a billion users, accounting for one-third of all internet users. Every month, viewers watch 6 billion hours of video. 

Surprisingly, over 80% of YouTube viewers are from countries other than the United States. This might help to explain why Americans are so misunderstood. 

While the figures for YouTube are outstanding, the streaming site accounts for just 18% of total web bandwidth. 

During peak hours, Netflix accounts for a startling 36% of all bandwidth utilized, with streaming in general accounting for 70%.

8: Daily Download Average Runs In Billions

In 2016, there were 90 billion app downloads across iOS and Android mobile devices. 

However, Google and Facebook applications account for nine of the top ten daily mobile apps, with only Snapchat breaking this ranking. 

I’m curious how many people utilize it for phone calls worldwide.

9: More Than 85000 Websites Are Hacked Every Day

Every day, more than 85,000 websites are hacked to steal personal data, credit card information, private information of enterprises and government agencies, and so on.

It shows that with the expansion of internet users, hackers are becoming more active every day with the growth of internet users.

This is why people must use antivirus software as they download stuff from the internet to prevent getting hacked.

Concluding Thoughts

As you near the end of this article, we think you have grasped a few concepts associated with the internet.

We bet you did not know any of these facts because we hardly care about these details while browsing the web.

Hence, if you want to know more, ping us in the comment section.

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