8 Ways to Keep Learning and Save Your Career in 2021

2020 happened to be quite a year. No one could even imagine things that had occurred, and still, it is hard to predict how those changes will affect our future. 

Yet, one fact is clear: education has been hit a lot, but it managed to withstand all challenges and even evolved to a new level. Still, many people are quite doubtful about the quality of distance or online learning. 

It requires discipline, self-motivation, and persistence to study being surrounded by so many distractions. However, many also say that this is a new normal, and the sooner people learn to study this way, the more sustainable education of the future will be.

However, in 2021, we are left to deal with problems caused by the pandemic. As it continues, educational authorities, ministries, and universities alike make efforts to control the spread of the disease by enabling online learning for students. It being effective or not, you have to adapt to this reality to keep learning and save your career.

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In this article, we’ve asked a resume builder service team to share their ideas on how students can continue their educational process with no disruption and actually land a job in 2021. Here is what they had to say.

Keep Abreast of All Recent Technologies

If you are not a Computer Science or Programming student, you do not have to have an in-depth understanding of every emerging technology. Yet, if you see that you can apply it in your education or your industry, you’d better learn how to use it as soon as possible.

Being tech-savvy means optimization of the learning process for building a successful professional career. Understanding recent trends and being able to master technology developments will definitely make your job application more successful.

Find the Best Educational Websites

Online or remote learning is more difficult because you are left alone with your questions and problems. Even though you can still address your class and a teacher via virtual means of communication, this is not a live discussion or traditional classroom instruction.

Thus, in 2021, students will have to learn more sideways, using such educational websites as edX, Udemy, Coursera, and FutureLearn. They store lots of materials provided by the world’s best universities and organizations. You’ll have to learn extra to stand out from the crowd and develop key skills.

Learn to Write Well

Writing has become an essential skill for all students across the globe. Learning is now impossible without writing essays, letters, and other writing projects. After all, this is the main method of evaluating students’ knowledge outside the classroom.

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Thus, you need to learn to write well or get professional help to ace your essays. This is the way you can continue to study successfully while earning high grades and bearing good results. You’ll also need this skill when preparing your CV or a resume.

Develop Your Flexibility and Emotional Intelligence

The unparalleled 2020 has shown us that we need to be able to change our plans and adapt to those changes fast. Education as an industry has demonstrated tremendous success. Students managed to finish the academic year with minimal disruption, no matter what was going on.

As a student and prospective employee, you need to learn this flexibility and adaptability. Also, you should master emotional intelligence that now covers not only stress resistance but also the ability to tackle anxiety, disperse confidence, and put yourself together regardless of the background.

Set Your Goals

In order to keep studying and save your career, you should see your goals clearly. That is why a good thing is to plan your aims along with the strategy to achieve them. Having a clear vision of how your future should look is great for your motivation and inspiration.

Of course, 2020 has taught us to make changes and re-consider priorities, but still, having a plan is better. With a set of goals, you feel in control. You know that you should study these classes and courses to land a certain position. If you do not project it in the future, periods of uncertainty become indeed insecure for you.

Reward Yourself

If you don’t celebrate your accomplishments, there is little chance you’ll reach your goals. Humans need to enjoy their achievements because otherwise, they do not matter much. To keep learning and secure a successful career, you need to learn to reward yourself.

Keep a “success journal” in your head and celebrate even the smallest milestones achieved. You had always wanted to apply to that particular job and you finally did? Reward. Had you managed to craft a winning resume that gets lots of feedback? Reward. Such small things matter when you calculate them all.

Communicate and Network

Something you should never forget to do is to communicate and build new connections with people. Your education and career depend on it. Unfortunately, online communication is nothing similar to the real one. Yet, this is something you should still focus on.


Your professional network and other like-minded people can help you achieve your goals in education and career. Humans are social creatures, so many things indeed depend on your ability to build partnerships, negotiate, and discuss.

Gain Work Experience

To save your career after all the troubles we’ve been through, you need to keep earning work experience. Even though the world is still a bit upside down and uncertainty of the future hinders lots of your plans, some things remain the same. Recruiters will consider your resume if you have a few experiences to list.

Thus, try to invest in your career by getting employed right now. Use your knowledge and skills to get an online job or work offline on a part-time basis. This will definitely bring you a competitive advantage. Check out “salesforce certified administrator” training and prove your skills on one of the world’s #1 CRM platforms.

Final Words

We all hope that 2021 will be a year when humankind will finally manage to put an end to the biggest pandemic in a century. With the development of vaccines, we all regained that hope. However, you can’t waste a year hoping. 

You need to live your life, being grateful for every day you have. That includes taking advantage of each of these days. Therefore, keep studying, keep dreaming, and keep planning. Do not get discouraged or demotivated. Instead, try to visualize your goals and career choices to feel closer to your dream.

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