Contrary to the popular opinion that sex toys are only good for masturbating, sex toys can significantly improve your sex life. 

Exploring other options, like using sex toys to please your partner during sex, can work wonders for your relationship and bring you closer. 

Sex toys can enhance intercourse, especially when used in certain sex positions. However, it is not in all sex positions that you can use a toy. Here are seven (7) sex positions that are even better with sex toys: 

Sex Positions To Try With Sex Toys

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a classic sex position that integrates sex-toy play since there isn’t a lot of contact between bodies. While the partner is penetrating from behind, such a partner could reach around and pleasure you with a clitoral vibrator in the front, a vibrating anal toy from the back, or some other adult sex toys of your choice. 

Better still, the receiving partner can use the adult sex toys on themselves, especially the ones that can fit into their hands easily. 

Spoon Sex Position

The spoon position or spooning is a sexual position and a cuddling technique that gives room for the use of sex toys. This position will allow your partner to access your most sensitive spots. For this reason, it opens the way for all sex-toy play. 

You can invite a clitoral vibrator into the drill, run it over the nipples, and reach around and massage their anus with an anal sex toy.

Modified Missionary

This is different from the standard missionary because the standard missionary isn’t always convenient to use sex toys. To modify the style, place a pillow under your back to give you a little lift, then bend your legs towards your chest to alter the angle. 

That’s it! Now, your partner can experiment with a range of sex toys. 

To help your partner last longer and target your clitoris, you may even try placing a vibrating cock ring on them. And don’t forget the foreplay to amplify the excitement!

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl Position

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are sex-toy compatible, which can enhance your sexual pleasure. Adding extra stimulation to your sex position is a great point to start. With cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, you are open to adding some sex toys to the mix-nipple clamps, a hands-free clitoral vibrator, and a butt plug. 

With these positions and a mix of adult sex toys, you won’t just preserve your relationship; you will have a pleasurable moment with the extra fun.

Lap Dance Position

The lap dance position has an unmatched intimacy potential. This position has some of the benefits of the spooning position. But in this position, the receiving partner can control more of the action and is in a better place to use sex toys on themselves. 

While the penetrating partner is seated on a high-backed chair and slouches slightly, holding the receiving partner’s waist, the receiving partner can go on and enhance the pleasure with sex toys.

Spread Eagle

This position starts as a missionary, then your partner sits up and pulls your hips up. The partners can rest their butts on each other’s calves or crouch upright. To deepen the penetration, try placing a pillow under your hips. The receiving partner will place one leg on the penetrating partner’s body. 

This will make the receiving partner wide open. To enhance your pleasure from this position, you can reach down to use a sex toy on your clitoris, or your partner can use one on you. 

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One of the hottest techniques is lying on your back and masturbating with a toy while your partner watches. You don’t need to have intercourse to enjoy using a toy with a companion. Any sex toy will do, and your companion will undoubtedly appreciate the spectacle.

Your partner may get in on the pleasure by stimulating you with the toy or their fingers. While your partner penetrates you with a different vibrator or dildo, you can use one on your clitoris. This will double the pleasure.

Sex should never be a boring and monotonous affair. Exploring different sexual acts and fantasies can be deeply fulfilling, and Project Pleasure is here and ready to assist you on this journey. 

Project Pleasure offers a wide selection of different kinds of sex toys that you can use to explore different kinds of sex positions. 

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