7 Smart Tips to Elevate the Readability of Your Essay

It is not easy to write all those essays. Every teacher of English will prove it because there are a lot of types and each has its peculiarities and demands. Besides, students have to meet certain academic demands of writing. One of them is to write creative and readable texts. Many students have brilliant ideas, but they seem not to be able to properly disclose them on paper.

Thus, students frequently wonder – How can I boost the readability of my essay? The issue of readability is widely spread among students, and they are frequently deprived of many essential grades just because their texts are hard to read and comprehend. If you have the best essay ideas but cannot disclose them clearly, read our informative guide. It provides 7 smart tips t elevate the readability of any essay you will ever write.

Make It Short

We will start our guide with the most popular and important mistakes of all unreadable texts – length. They write too long sentences and paragraphs. It is counterproductive because your readers may get confused. Before they get to the end of a long sentence, they may forget its beginning. Besides, long sentences and paragraphs are simply boring.

What is the solution? Make an analysis of every paragraph and the entire text. Define which parts can be divided into smaller chunks and split them. This is the best idea of how to avoid lengthy content.

Use the Right Words

Most students make their texts hard to read because they choose an appropriate lexicon. You may take a firm position in your views and offer a convicting argument, but they will be almost useless if you cannot explain them to your readers.

Remember that your readers need clarity. If you use known words, they will be simply confused and would not even read your paper to the end. What should be avoided? Consider the next points:

● Technical term;

● Slang;

● Jargon;

● Abbreviations;

● Acronyms;

● Clichés, etc.

Do not use slang and jargon because you write an academic paper. It’s not a conversation in the street.

Avoid abbreviations and acronyms because many people may not know how to decipher them. Besides, you are supposed to use clear words.

Clichés show that you do not have a rich, active vocabulary. Perhaps your readers will also think that you think stereotypically.

You may use a certain number of technical terms if they are important for your topic and scientific direction. Nonetheless, you should clearly explain each term with proper examples.

Stick to the Active Voice

When you write an essay of any type, you should prefer the active voice. It is better for essays because it uses dynamic words and thus makes every text livelier. Besides, it saves space compared to passive constructions. It requires fewer words. Compare two examples:

● Passive: The topic was suggested by him.

● Active: He suggested the topic.

Passive constructions are more suitable for lab reports and other papers of similar type. Of course, you may use the passive voice in essays as well. However, you should minimize its entries to 3 sentences or fewer. Such constructions may be beneficial when you want to underline some especially significant thought. As they differ from the active constructions, your readers will surely pay attention to those sentences.

Don’t Cram Everything in One Paragraph

Many students try to pour out all the arguments they have at once. It is a serious mistake because it likewise confuses readers. Provide information bit by bit so that your readers got your point. Remember one simple rule – cover one point at a time! Don’t try to cram all your sub-theses into a single paragraph.

Make Smooth Transitions

It’s vital to keep a logical sequence of events. It surely boosts the readability of any text. Every time you end a paragraph, make sure it smoothly leads to another question highlighted in the next part. For example, you write about technology and its effects on students. Your structure should be like this:

● 1st body paragraph – general facts about technology in education;

● 2nd body paragraph – the main benefits of using technology in education for students;

● 3rd body paragraph – the main drawbacks of using technology in education for students.

As you can see, you cover only one essential point at once. Your readers will steadily delve into reading, and none of your body paragraphs will overload them with tons of information.

Avoid Repetitions

One of the typical mistakes of many students is to repeat themselves. Leave out that bad habit. If you cannot replace the same phrases with unique substitutes, your text will be unreadable. That is why you ought to regularly enlarge your active vocabulary.

Learn at least 10 new words or phrases every day. Quite soon you will forget about repetitions because your texts will be full of the fresh and relevant lexicon.

Consider Professional Assistance

Finally, we recommend trying the help of a dependable writing agency. It is a good idea because every highly reputed platform has hundreds of certified and experienced writers who specialize in all aspects of academic writing. Can they boost the readability of your text? It is a rhetorical question. They can complete any task! Among such are:

● Writing and rewriting;

● Editing and proofreading;

● Generating topics;

● Researching and outlining;

● Citing and referencing.

As every client is treated individually, you may set any real demands. Your helper will fulfill them all. You may count on help with any piece of writing, including any essay type:

● Cause and effect;

● Expository;

● Discursive;

● Personal;

● Narrative;

● Argumentative;

● Persuasive, etc.

You may request online consultations, as well as read useful samples to enlarge your knowledge in writing essays.

Summing Up

Thanks to the rapid development of education, students have a lot of options to improve all their skills. By following our smart tips, you will easily enhance the readability of any academic paper to get the highest grades. Thus, your academic record will be always high, and you will easily meet your academic goals.

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