7 mistakes to avoid when looking for a job

Are you terrified of making mistakes when looking for a job? It’s a fear we all go through one day, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. There are many ways to prevent this from happening and increase your chances of finding the job you’ve wanted so badly.

Starting your job search can lead you to uncertainty and doubt, especially when you don’t have someone to guide and help you. However, there is always a way to get ahead and learn. That’s why we present 7 mistakes you should avoid when looking for a job. Trust and go for that job!

1. Not preparing yourself enough

You don’t have to be an expert to look for a job, but you must have a certain amount of preparation to apply and be considered. What kind of preparation do you need when looking for a job? Well, it all depends on your skills and aptitudes. Here are some of the ones you need:

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Commitment
  • Time management

And other technical skills that should be related to the profile to which you want to apply or to which you belong.

Remember that it is normal not to have all the skills and aptitudes since many types of intelligence exist. Therefore, if you think you do not have everything you need, identify the skills in which you excel through a test of the kinds of intelligence. This introspection can help you learn more about your strengths when looking for a job. Be very observant!

2. Dressing inappropriately

Dress is an essential part of and during the job search. This can be seen from your picture on your resume, your social media, and at the time of an interview.

Be very careful and strategic in the way you dress. For example, if you are looking for a job where you will be dealing with clients, we recommend wearing formal attire that conveys confidence. On the other hand, if you are in an area where you will dedicate yourself to a position with more freedom and in which you will have to perform physical activities, you will need clothes that give you comfort, all guided to the position.

Now, at the time of the interview, we recommend you merge everything, that is to say, combine a formal, comfortable look with a personal touch that makes you stand out, feel free, and be different. It will be a good idea to investigate how they dress in the company or position you want to apply for. Everything counts, down to the smallest detail.

3. Not having a good CV

Having a first-class CV will make you among the first ones. Do not mistake sending a CV without information or, on the contrary, full of unnecessary information, because this will make the recruiter not finish reading it.

How can you know if you have a good CV?

 Here are some tips and important points:

  • Include a brief description of yourself and your profile.
  • Direct your CV to the area and profile of the vacancy.
  • Include your last jobs (maximum 4 years ago).
  • It is not necessary to mention all your school years. It is enough to mention the last grade of studies.
  • Mention and highlight your skills in teamwork and responsibility (it is highly valued).
  • We recommend not to mention: work under pressure, instead add that you adapt to changes and know how to act in moments of crisis.
  • Use a photograph with a plain background, subtle clothing, and a natural facial expression, with a slight smile that emits confidence and security.
  • Do not fill out more than 2 pages; include what is necessary and the information that best describes you.

4. Badmouthing your previous job

Never badmouth your previous job; it is a serious mistake that can cost you dearly. It gives a bad image and will make them not trust you. So be as respectful as you can and if you didn’t have a good experience, try to find the positive points of your previous job. If you have no idea what to say, change it to these proposals. 

5. Being arrogant

Pride and ego will never lead to good results. It is another of the most common job search mistakes, especially when the person is more than qualified for the position. Confidence and self-assurance must be accompanied by humility and objectivity. For example, don’t brag that at your last job, you asked your colleagues to write my paper for me all the time, boasting about delegating tasks and that you were great at it when writing such reports was a part of your duties. 

You must maintain a balance between your inner confidence, ability, and limitations. Don’t lie and think you are better than everyone else because that could be your worst weakness, and you won’t get hired. Always keep your feet on the ground. Remember that!

6. Self-sabotage

The worst mistake when looking for a job is self-sabotage, the other extreme of pride. A nightmare will consume you if you don’t eradicate it for life.

As catastrophic as it sounds, you can’t fill your head with negative thoughts and self-deprecation. If you think of it this way, you are being cruel to yourself, aren’t you? Believe in your capabilities and possibilities to achieve what you set out to do. And if you don’t succeed, remember that better opportunities will always come along, and your strengths will welcome you with open arms.

7. Not researching the company

Be alert! Nowadays, it is elementary to come across fraudulent companies and businesses that are dedicated to stealing information, defrauding people, exploiting their employees, or engaging in unethical activities.

Before sending your data and applying to a vacancy, research the company, its background, opinions of former employees, if they have a reliable website, salaries, fair deals, and everything you need to be calm and confident. You don’t want to get a bad surprise!

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