7 Essential Employee Interview Questions You Need To Ask

Are you struggling to work out how to interview employees?

When you’re hiring your first employees, you want to make sure you get the right candidates for the job. The questions you ask are vital, but in a nervous situation, it can be difficult to know what you should be asking.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these 7 employee interview questions in our employee hiring guide.

1. Why Do They Want to Work For You?

This is something a candidate should have thought of while prepping. It shows they have researched what you’re about and understood the role.

They should already have an answer prepared and be ready to convince you why they’re the best person for the job. It will show you how much effort they put into prepping and if they’re serious about the role.

2. When Was a Time They Made a Big Mistake?

No one is perfect, but this will give you an actual example of how a person overcomes adversity (or not). Knowing how someone handles problems and thinks on their feet will give insight.

Candidates should show humility, self-awareness and be able to admit their mistakes. They should also show you how they learned from what went wrong.

3. When Was a Time They Exceeded Expectations?

This is where you give the candidate the spotlight. They can boast about something they’re proud of achieving. It’s also the time you’ll find out a lot about their motivation and core values.

You might notice a ruthless competitive streak, which could be a bonus or a nightmare. Others might show a value for teamwork and appreciation for their colleagues. This might show promise for a future leadership role.

4. When Did They Miss a Deadline?

Again, no one is perfect and deadlines get missed. This question will help you see how the candidate copes under pressure. You want an employee who won’t lose their head when the going gets tough.

Did they panic and give up? Did they blame others or own up to their manager at the first sign of issues? How much effort did they put in to make that deadline and were they willing to go the extra mile?

5. Where Do They Want to Be in 5 Years?

You want the creative, ambitious staff who are looking to grow and progress. You also need staff who work hard and are happy in their secured current position.

When hiring someone new, think about the current office dynamic and the kind of person you want. If you’ve got enough competitive employees, think of hiring someone different. And vice versa.

6. When Did They Have to Handle Conflict at Work?

You’ll want to know if a candidate will be a conflict-resolver, or will cause conflict. Conflict with colleagues is a big reason a lot of people fail their probation.

Watch out for people who badmouth, or try to blame others. You want to find someone who shows fairness, sensitivity, and calmness when answering. And who is willing to take their share of the blame.

7. How they Expect to Get Paid?

When it comes to how to pay employees, different companies do it in different ways. Most of the time you will expect new hires to slot into your existing method. But sometimes that can be a dealbreaker.

You don’t want to miss a great hire because you weren’t flexible enough. so check out what they want to be and make sure you can manage it. You can browse for these great paystub templates here to make sure that it is all covered.

Employee Interview Questions You Won’t Want to Miss

So, there you have it! Now you know these 7 employee interview questions you know how to handle the next interview.

When it comes to how to hire employees, there is no set way. You must find out the good and the bad about a candidate, so you can access how they will fit into your current team. You want someone who can get the job don’t, and will add to your company. Not cause you problems.

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