6 Impressive Health Benefits of Tennis

Did you know the modern tennis game has its origins in a French pastime known as Jeu De Paume? Since then, major developments have taken part in the game, namely adding a racquet. But do you know how good this sport is for your health?

Tennis requires the use of both the mind and body. Read on as we discuss the health benefits of Tennis.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Even a relatively sedate game of tennis can vastly improve your cardiovascular health. This is true of many sports that involve running and aerobic exercises. However, the stop and start nature of tennis is particularly good for increasing blood flow and oxygen around the body.

Great Social Activity

Joining a tennis club is also a great social activity. You will meet people from all ages and walks of life, at all levels of playing. If you are just starting and wondering how to play tennis, then you could even sign up for a beginner’s class.

Once you advance you can try doubles. By pairing up with others and playing new teams, you will soon develop a unique social circle.

Increases Concentration and Alertness

If you find that a life of screen time has left your concentration waning, then restore it. In tennis, you have to concentrate on the path of the ball and your opponent. This trains you to keep your eyes on the prize.

In addition, you need to be alert. Anything can happen at a given moment. Because of this, training your mind to stay active and awake is one of the many tennis benefits for your mind.

Aids Weight Loss

Playing tennis requires explosive bursts of speed. This is a great way to get aerobic exercise, and that results in the burning of fat for energy. Depending on your size and build, you can burn a few hundred calories in a single game of tennis.

Improves Motor Control

Motor control can be defined as the ability to move your body and control it. It involves stabilizing one part, while keeping another in motion, all the while controlling it with your brain. It does not come naturally but has to be worked upon as a child and developed as an adult.

Racquet sports promote motor control in a big way. They are fast-paced and require the player to move limbs in one direction while their body may be going in another. They also have to be able to have certain reactionary motor control functions to play well.

Increases the Range of Motion

The range of motion is the ability your limbs have to move at the joints. For example, if you struggle to lift your arms above your head, your range of motion has deteriorated.

Range of motion can often come back through exercise and physiotherapy. However, the rotations need for playing tennis are a natural way to improve this essential function. This article on tennis serves techniques can teach you about the correct way to swing and serve in the game.

Health Benefits of Tennis

These are just a few of the many health benefits of tennis. It is possible to improve your health and mind while increasing your social circle. Who knows, you may even find it a whole lot of fun!

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