6 Easy Ways to Deck up Your House for Christmas

The holidays are here, and if you’re anything like me, you still have a lot of work to do before your house is ready for Christmas.

If your house looks a little bare and you want to deck up your home for the holidays but don’t know where to start, this blog post is for you. Here are some easy ways to deck up your house for Christmas.

Add Festive Touches to Existing Furniture

You don’t have to buy new furniture to decorate your house for Christmas. Adding a few seasonal touches can go a long way toward making your home look festive.

For instance, group a few chairs and place a table runner on top of them. You can also replace old throw pillow covers with Christmas throw pillow covers to glitz up the seating area.

Create Christmas Centerpieces

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make beautiful and festive centerpieces with items you already have on hand. For example, fill a large bowl with pinecones, pineapples, or apples. Set out some candles in coordinating colors around the bowl.

You can also use decorative stones as candle holders and place them on top of the fruit. If you want to get even fancier, cut stems off of evergreen branches and arrange them in a vase for a natural centerpiece that won’t cost you much.

Create a Holiday Themed Message Board

A message board is a great way to express yourself and decorate your home simultaneously. You can make one with just a few items around your house: a frame, paper or fabric, and glue. Cut pieces of paper or fabric into squares slightly larger than the frame size.

Glue these squares onto the front of the frame in any arrangement you like. You can also use fabric paints to decorate the frame. Use a paint brush or sponge to spread some paint onto the frame, then let it dry completely before hanging it up on your wall.

Replace Old Blankets and Pillows

The festive season calls for new blankets and pillows, too! You can easily update your home decor without spending much money by replacing old bedding with new ones.

If you don’t like the colors or patterns on your old blankets, buy some new ones in different colors and prints. Use decorative throw cushions and Christmas throw pillow covers to create a fun and cozy space for your family and guests.

Play with Lights

Light up your outdoor spaces with an array of colorful lights. Hanging string lights around the patio or on trees will create a magical atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re at Disney World. You can easily find Christmas tree-shaped light bulbs at stores or online retailers in different colors and sizes.

Consider decorating the interior with string lights to create that warm, magical atmosphere. String them around your windows and doors will give the room an elegant look that will impress anyone who walks through your front door.

Festive Window Boxes

Christmas window boxes are a great way to add a festive flair to your home. They can be used as decoration for your front door, side windows, or even on top of your fireplace.

You can find window boxes in many different sizes and colors, but they are especially popular during Christmas. You can even use empty wine bottles to create your own unique Christmas window box.

Final Word

You may not have time to decorate a whole house, but with a few festive touches, you can make your home ready to welcome friends and family this holiday season.

You can also add some Christmas decorations to your garage or front porch. These small touches will help you get into the holiday spirit, giving your guests something to look forward to as they approach your home.

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