6 Classy Gold And Silver Marc Jacobs Watches For A Glamorous Summer Look

Summer is one of the best times of the year. It is where summer parties and getaways are set to happen. It is also the perfect time to put on those nice clothes, shoes, and bags that showcase the vibrant colors of summer. There are different looks, but all aiming to achieve that glamorous effect.

A glamorous summer look needs accessories like watches to provide a stunning class. The gold and silver timepieces from Marc Jacobs can highlight glamour because of their elegant style and efficient features. Let the eyes feast on these six best watches that can have a beautiful impact on a glamorous summer look.

MBM3366 Blue Dial Sally Quartz Gold Tone

This Marc Jacobs watch can put a glam to any summer dressing type because it is a complete mixture of class and vibrance. It has a color blue dial that reflects the vibrant shade of blue summer sky. Then the indexes and hand markers in gold depict the classic beauty of the sun shining.

It is not enough that a watch is only beautiful. It should be functional and efficient. This timepiece presents itself in a sturdy round shape that measures 36 mm enough to put a safe grip on a lady’s hands. The case has a solid back and durable stainless steel material.

MBM3303 Blue Dial Amy Quartz Gold Tone

A watch fit for the lady who wants to embody the summer feeling like a queen. This timepiece sets the phase of glamour with its indexes made of crystal. The hand markers found in its dial have color tones of gold. This timepiece in summer shim of blue and gold replicates the color of the sun and sea.

This quality feature of this timepiece gives women confidence in the outdoor summer getaways. It has a 50 m water resistance ability that ensures resistance to water damage. The case and bracelet are attached firmly together with stainless steel material. It has a round shape, solid back, and 36 mm size for that comfortable grip.  

MBM1241 White Leather Henry Quartz Silver Dial

This timepiece is uniquely designed with its dial without indexes but has the stand-out sophistication of silver. The white calfskin leather puts an additional classiness and provides a solid feminine hold to the wrist. It is the right match for a white summer dress that a classy lady will want to put on.

If you want dependability, then this timepiece gives the highest quality. It has a 200 m water resistance feature perfect for days of sea adventure. The round shape and 40 mm size case give its wearer enough confidence and style. 

MBM3308 40MM Rose Gold Blade Brown Dial

The dial of this watch has the color of sunray brown, which makes it perfect for a summer outfit. It is styled uniquely as the design sets without indexes. But the hand and minute markers classy in the tones of gold. The overflowing rose gold color of this timepiece makes it a delightful luxury piece.

This timepiece stands for reliability of features like stainless steel materials and 50 m water resistance function for that easy wear without worrying about water damage. The case materials present a sturdy character of round shape, solid back, and 40 mm size.

MBM3244 Rose Gold-tone Silver Dial

This timepiece presents the perfect combination of silver and gold. The dial has white silver, and the entire watch design in rose gold tones. It is a beautiful watch that will allure the ladies of summer. The classy ensemble of gold and silver makes this watch worth it.

You get both the satisfaction of style and quality features with this watch. The round case comes in stainless steel rose gold that looks classy. Plus, it has a solid back and 36 mm size that highlights the feminine strength. The additional features like 50 m water resistance and stainless steel bracelet significantly impact its dependability.

MBM3139 Two-Tone Stainless Steel 36mm Silver Dial

It is a timepiece with ultimate class because of its two-tone stainless steel case and bracelet with a silver dial. This watch has glamorous indexes in Swarovski crystal and hand markers in gold tones. It has commendable functions like 50 m water resistance and a bracelet of durable stainless steel.


The classy timepieces of Marc Jacobs can complete a glam because they have the gold and silver designs that match the theme of summer plus added features that work. Let these watches from Marc Jacobs take your summer to a different level by achieving a glamorous look that will magnify beautiful summer confidence.

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