5 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Car for Interstate Transport

Many people find the idea of interstate car transport daunting – but it doesn’t have to be! Interstate car transport Australia can be an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get your vehicle where you need it when you need it.

If you’re planning on interstate car transport in the future, here are five simple ways that will prepare your car for interstate transport:

  1. Clean up your car’s interior space

Every car deserves to be clean inside and out. This includes removing loose items from your vehicle, like phones or GPS devices that may have fallen underneath the seats while driving on bumpy roads! Ensure you get rid of all these things before loading it up with cargo – just in case anything falls off during transport.

  1. Book an appointment for inspection

Inspecting your vehicle before shipping is the best way to take care of any details that could affect its transport. Before leaving for a long journey, be sure you have all fluids topped up and inspect it from the top (fuel) down. This includes checking lights and tire pressure as well- stay safe during this last leg by making sure everything’s suitable for smooth delivery on arrival at destination.

  1. Examine fluid leaks

Before the car carriers pick up your vehicle, make sure there are no leaks and fix them before handing over car keys. If he notices a bad seal around any parts that could cause damage on its way or during transport (examples: oil pan), then refuse to accept delivery if need be. Let him know about these problems to decide where best for their trailers–bottom row vs top spot.

  1. Disable alarms and remove accessories 

With a car driving professional’s attention span constantly being tested, it is vital that you don’t add any distractions to the mix. Also, ensure your vehicle has no alarms or accessories which would only serve as an unwanted sound source for them, such as bike racks and ski/luggage rails – take care of these beforehand so nothing can be damaged in shipping.

  1. Have an extra set of car keys

Keys are the ultimate form of security. You want to ensure you have an extra set for every necessary key, especially if there is more than one person who will drive your car around or help load/unload from their truck onto ours when we’re delivering it. It is also recommended that these sets be given only by yourself. Never share them with anyone unless necessary, as they can’t guarantee safety in such cases.

Final Words 

Preparing your car for interstate transport in Australia is essential, as it will save you from any damages or other problems that may arise while on the road. Having an experienced professional ensures maximum safety during this process, ensuring there are zero risks involved with moving overseas goods into another state. 

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