5 Qualities To Look For In Baby Wipes

As parents, you want nothing but the best for your little bundle of joy. This remains true for when it comes to baby wipes as well.

There are plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to this infant necessity, but not all are created equal. Some have scents, others are extra thick and some you can even make all on your own. So how on earth are you supposed to know what ones you should get for your baby? How do you know which ones will soothe their skin the best?

We get it. Being a parent can feel super overwhelming and with so many different consumer purchases you have to make, it is helpful to have guidance in your purchasing decisions. That is where we are coming in to help.

But before we share all the qualities to look for in baby wipes, let’s first dive into what baby wipes even are and how they were even created.

What to Know About Baby Wipes

Back in the day, parents would not have the option to purchase professionally made baby wipes from stores. Instead, many resorted to using a cloth or soft fabrics that they would use, wash and then re-use.

But in the 1950s baby wipes became disposable and more accessible than ever. The thought of now having to wash the same cloth every single time it is used for your baby’s bum was extremely appealing to many parents. And thus disposable baby wipes became in hot demand. But the official baby wipes branding did not come into play until around forty years ago.

Nowadays it is hard to actually imagine life without baby wipes being so accessible. You can get them online, in a grocery store, at a gas station, or at an airport. This accessibility has made life a little bit easier for parents who are on the go and need emergency support.

Top Qualities of the Best Baby Wipes

However, there are still many qualities you want to look for in baby wipes so that you are choosing the ones that are really going to help your little one and not irritate their skin.

1. Unscented Baby Wipes

Babies are known to have very sensitive skin. So while it may sound tempting to get baby wipes that have delicious smelling scents, it is often not the best for babies who have ultra-sensitive skin. In fact, the fragrance could cause their skin to break out and become very irritated. So whenever it is possible, you should aim to select fragrance-free baby wipes for the sake of your baby and their skin.

2. Made with Minimal Ingredients

You know you are getting quality baby wipes when there are only a handful of ingredients listed on the packaging. This means that in general, you should have no more than five ingredients that are all designed and selected to soothe your baby’s bum. These ingredients should be water, vitamin E, Glycerin, citric acid, sodium and hydroxyacetophenone. But the most important ingredient in baby wipes is water. In fact, 99% of the baby wipes should be water only.

3. Environmentally Friendly

You will also want to make sure that your baby wipes are as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that they should be designed in a way that leaves the earth better off and doe not use any plastic. The best baby wipes are actually made from compostable plant based fibers that ensure we are not leaving behind anything that will affect this planet for our children. In fact, if you choose the right baby wipes they will actually decompose faster than many pieces of fruit, including an apple!

4. Big Enough to Help You

But choosing baby wipes for your baby should also involve how they impact you too. After all, you are the one that will be using these. So the best baby wipes are thicker and larger than competitors to help ensure your hands remain clean from any of that baby poo. The larger and thicker design will also allow you to not need to use as many baby wipes each time you use them, meaning that less really can do more.

5. Travel Well

Another important factor to consider is the container that the baby wipes come in and how easy they are to travel with. Ideally, you will want to have a baby wipe container that can fit in your diaper bag. That way you will always have baby wipes with you regardless of if you are in the car, on a train, on a plane or out at the park. You want your baby wipes to go wherever you and your baby go.


There are many different factors to consider when it comes to baby wipes. The best ones are made to convenience you, your baby and the planet.

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