5 Immediate Steps to Take in Case of Minor Car Accidents

Minor car accidents may not lead to serious injury or loss of life, but they can cause financial havoc and frustrations. This particularly is true if you don’t take the right steps in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

No motorist should ever allow a minor car accident to become a major problem. In the following article, we’ll be giving you five immediate steps you should be taking if faced with this situation. Let’s begin! 

1. Keep Combativeness In Check

A minor car accident, particularly one that happens when you’re stressed or busy, can lead to feelings of frustration. It can be tempting to take those frustrations out on the person who hit you. All you need is a little nudge, and perhaps that nudge is that person’s own frustrations. 

It’s important to be aware of this. Take a deep breath before you get out of the car, and resolve that you’re not going to escalate the situation no matter what. Doing so will set you up for success.

2. Take Notes And Pictures

Another part of what to do after a minor car accident involves documenting the scene. You can do this by taking both notes and pictures. It doesn’t hurt to write out everything you remember as soon as it happens.

You may have to do it again for police, and some of what you remember could change as you go along. That’s okay. Just do your best to present as accurate of a picture as possible.

3. Contact Police

Whether having a minor car accident at night or in the daylight, you should get the police involved. This will help keep attitudes and tempers from flaring, and it will start the process for getting a report that you will need for insurance purposes. 

Before moving ahead, we should pause to consider whether the cars need to be moved. Make sure you take a look now at your state’s laws, so you’ll know what to do when the time comes.

4. Get Other Driver Details

The other driver will always have their own version of events, and it will seldom match yours. No sweat. Let the police sort that part out. 

If the other party seems approachable, though, don’t hesitate to ask them for their name and insurance company. This can expedite the claims process.

5. Notify Your Insurance Company

A minor car accident settlement is usually possible between insurance companies. Make sure you notify yours along with the driver’s details and insurance information. This will get the claims process in motion. 

It would be nice if this was the end of it, but it usually isn’t. If dissatisfied with where you end up after insurance does its thing, consider consulting an attorney.

Minor Car Accidents Can Lead To Difficult Problems

Minor car accidents might be called “minor,” but tell that to yourself when you are unfairly out money as much of the population often is. Before you let that happen, read back over these tips and make sure you put them into practice should the need ever arise. 

Best of luck! For more business, health, and finance tips, check out some of our additional posts. 

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