5 Foolproof Mattress Shopping Tips for First-Timers

Nobody goes into adulthood fully prepared. There are so many things to do: looking for jobs, maintaining a social life, eating healthy, all the while missing the security of your parent’s home can be pretty draining. Plus, it doesn’t help that most of the things you have to do aren’t taught to you in school!

For someone new to all these, doing even menial tasks like housework can feel overwhelming. I mean, did anyone ever tell you how cooking your meals can take so much time or how shopping for a new mattress can be so complicated?

If you’re buying your first bed as an adult, then you’re probably feeling a little lost. To help you ease your worries, we’ve listed down five foolproof shopping tips you can depend on when purchasing a new mattress.

Determine Your Budget

So you might have more things you’d rather spend your hard-earned money for, but trust us, a good mattress is not cheap. Since we humans spend a good chunk of our lives asleep, you should learn to budget more generously on your next bed.

Moreover, the quality of your sleep affects how productive you will be the rest of the day, so you should consider your mattress as an essential investment for your health. Just think of how refreshed you’ll feel in the morning after getting a great night’s sleep!

In addition, when you’re done determining just how much you’re willing to pay for your bed, it’ll be easier for you when you go shopping. There are many options on the market, and sticking to a specific price point will help you save time.

Know Your Sleeping Habits

Not all mattresses will feel comfortable for everyone. While there are a lot of factors that can affect your comfort levels, like your age and weight, the main thing you have to know is your sleeping position. Do you prefer to sleep on your side? Your back? Or do you tend to toss and turn between other positions?

If you didn’t know, mattresses have varying firmness levels to suit every person’s needs. For example, side sleepers put pressure on their shoulders and hips when they sleep, so a softer bed is suitable for them. On the other hand, firmer beds are ideal for stomach sleepers, such as an innerspring mattress to provide support on their hips and spine.

Research on Mattress Types

If you’ve started looking around for a new bed, then you’ve probably realized just how many different types there are on the market. So, to navigate the world of mattress shopping better, it’s best if you arm yourself with knowledge.

Choosing from memory foam, latex, hybrid, innerspring, and air beds will be easier if you know their pros and cons. For instance, latex mattresses are naturally bouncy, so if you’re a combo sleeper, this may be what you’re looking for. However, they are also costlier than the other types, a dealbreaker for those on a tight budget.

Consider Buying Online

If you’re always busy with the neverending responsibilities of adulthood, why don’t you purchase your mattress online instead? It’s convenient, you get better deals, and there’s less pressure from salespeople.

Just remember that since you won’t be able to try the bed in person, you’ll have to be extra careful when hitting that checkout button. Some excellent online shopping tips include reading reviews made by other customers and only shopping from a trusted site.

Apart from that, it’s also helpful to look up the top rated mattresses. After all, you deserve only the best when it comes to your comfort when sleeping. Be cautious about testimonials on the mattress company’s website, though—they’re there to help market the products, so there’s a chance that they aren’t entirely truthful.

Understand the Return Policy

Sometimes customers end up being unsatisfied with their purchases, which is why mattress companies offer a trial period of up to 120 days for you to test out your new bed. If you’ve bought your bed online, this feature is especially beneficial for you!

During this period, you should check for proper support and comfort when you sleep. If you feel like the mattress isn’t serving you the way it should, there’s no harm in returning it back to the store. Just be aware that some stores require extra fees (such as a handling fee) when you want to return an item, so always read the fine print after your purchase.


Adulting is definitely challenging. You’ll be making a few mistakes on the way, but don’t let something that impacts your sleep be one of those. Seeing how much your sleep quality is affected by your bed, it’s best that you take mattress shopping seriously. As a first-timer, following the five tips written above will surely make the experience easier for you.

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