5 Common Refrigerator Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Over 99% of American homes have at least one refrigerator, which shows how much we rely on this magical appliance.

Choosing the perfect refrigerator is key to finding one that aligns with your lifestyle and budget. But with so many options available, it’s difficult knowing how to choose the best model for you. Perhaps you’re currently on the hunt and you need advice on the matter. 

Sounds familiar? Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are the five common refrigerator buying mistakes. 

1. Not Outlining the Budget 

Aside from not comparing refrigerator prices, another issue is not knowing your budget when browsing options. Be realistic about how much you can set aside as it will determine which features you can afford, whether it’s Samsung filters or an ice machine. To make the process easier, click the “sort by price” filter and work your way up.   

2. Buying the Wrong Size 

There are different refrigerator sizes available, so measuring your kitchen is a must. Take accurate measurements and bring these figures with you on your shopping trip. You should also note the height of the space, especially if you store appliances atop the refrigerator or if you have a low ceiling.  

3. Not Choosing the Right Style 

Not researching the different styles of refrigerators is a huge mistake you can make. For instance, you can find a bottom-freezer or freezer-only model, depending on the size of your kitchen. You should also find one with the right capacity for your family’s needs, such as a dedicated space for storing dairy or fresh veggies. 

Further, choose a style that aligns with your home decor and other appliances; otherwise,it will look out of place.

4. Ignoring Reviews 

When browsing different types of refrigerators, it’s important to consider online reviews. Take time reading through them and note any reoccurring negative comments as it could mean it’s not worth your time or money. You should also avoid models that have one or two stars because they’re likely faulty.  

Also, avoid sticking to a single brand as you could be losing out on better models. Plus, you could save money by choosing a different company, so continue with your research.  

5. Not Considering Energy Costs 

Another problem consumers make when checking out popular refrigerator brands is ignoring the star rating. This refers to how energy-efficient the machine is as it will determine how much your electricity bills will be. Although the refrigerator may be cheaper initially, you could be paying a fortune in power later down the line. 

Also, choosing a larger refrigerator will consume more than a smaller one, so always read the labels before making the purchase.  

Avoid These Refrigerator Buying Mistakes

Hopefully, you’ll avoid these refrigerator buying mistakes in your search. 

There are many errors you could potentially make like not reading online reviews and buying the wrong size. You should also remember to check how energy-efficient each model is and its style. 

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