5 Business Sectors That Rely on White Glove Logistics

You may have heard the term ‘white glove logistics’ and wondered what it means, or you may even use white glove logistical services on a regular basis. This is a specialised field of logistics and here are some of the business sectors that rely heavily on white glove logistics.

  1. Healthcare & Medical – The large and very expensive technical equipment such as CT and MRI imaging device requires very special handling and with medical logistics from Rhenus High Tech, you can rest assured that the equipment will be safely installed and configured, read for use. The white glove technicians must undergo product training to enable them to work with technical equipment, something that equipment manufacturers insist upon if they are to install specialised medical equipment. Gyms and fitness centres use complex equipment, which is installed by white glove technicians who configure the equipment and even teaches staff how to manage the equipment.
  2. The Manufacturing Industry – Most factories in developed countries are already using robots as part of the manufacturing process and those that aren’t will soon be making the switch, due to the many benefits of robotic manufacturing. Robots work 24/7 and they don’t make mistakes; something that is very appealing to any employer, and while there are concerns about what the population will actually do when everything is made by robots. It is highly skilled work to install manufacturing robots, indeed in some cases, it is very challenging to manoeuvre heavy equipment into its final destination. Click here for information on 3D printing, which will become the new norm when making specific components.
  3. Banking & Finance – Every single ATM has been transported and installed by white glove technicians, who are permitted to install, service and maintain ATMs and other banking machinery. The banks take out long-term contracts with white glove logistics companies to service, install and relocate technical equipment and there are many white glove teams that service specific regions.
  4. Retail – The retail sector is currently undergoing a change to using touch-screen digital information boards and digital signage, which is usually installed by white glove logistics teams. Digital signage is the future and many retail outlets are making the switch from traditional signage and you can expect to see more of these amazing devices when you are out and about.
  5. Gaming & Hospitality – The latest generation of gaming machines are installed and configured by white glove logistics providers; gaming casinos, for example, have all their gaming equipment installed by industry professionals and the gaming machines you find in pubs and clubs are also the domain of white glove logistics.

White glove logistics is a booming sector and as more innovative technical equipment is rolled out, the white glove logistics sector is required by many businesses. They take delivery of the equipment near the final destination and it is their job to manoeuvre the equipment into position, then secure it into place, before configuring the equipment and testing it, ready for use.

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