5 Benefits of Bundling

At its simplest, bundling is the practice of selling different items together for a single price. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, bundling simplifies production and delivery for companies, while also minimizing the amount of time and energy spent on a single sale.

From a consumer’s point of view, the benefits of bundling are a bit different. Though online shopping has reinvigorated the number and quality of bundled deals, they aren’t ideal for every shopper.

Sometimes, a buyer prefers to do their shopping at one location and will forego bundling to get their preferred product. Other times, bundles can be price prohibitive or include items a buyer isn’t interested in. However, when a bundled promotion is packaged perfectly, they deliver on five key benefits that consumers should keep in mind for the future.

Better Deals

The more competition a product or service has the more competition the bundled deals. Companies that straddle different sectors are in a prime position to offer top bundle deals—and consumers are in a prime position to benefit.

Look at online gaming and betting, for example. Though moneylines and blackjack don’t have too much in common, states like Pennsylvania have created legislation that requires casinos to partner with sportsbooks. Therefore, most PA online casino apps extend their welcome bonus to their sportsbook, as well.

Looking for better deals? Look for groups that that bundle distinct deals for maximum value.

Multiple Solutions at Once

The idea of the bundle, from a customer perspective, is to simplify the buying process. A business might use performance analytics to figure out which products consumers buy concurrently, then bundle these together.

Clothing retailers like 3 Wise Men rely on bundles to sell whole outfits. Meanwhile, skin care companies like Peter Thomas Roth and Ready, Set, Play offer product bundles for all types of consumers. If you’re looking for products rather than services, it pays to do a bit of research online to purchase the perfect bundle.

Less Time, Less Energy

Bundles should solve multiple problems at a lean price—but they should also be easy to access. At its core, a bundle saves money, time, and energy for both the consumer and the retailer. Here’s where buying online isn’t always ideal.

Groups like Sam’s Club have become incredibly popular for their wholesale ideology, which eliminates the middleman and associated fees. Another huge incentive for Sam’s Club members is wholesale quantities. Stocking up on bundled basics is one way to free up time and energy.

Building Loyalty

Finding a reliable company is every consumer’s dream. Once they’ve found a product or service that delivers on all their needs, they’re more likely to return. A cohesive bundled deal, whether a mortgage or a kitchenware set, can offer long-term solutions.

From a business perspective, acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times as much as retaining a loyal customer (according to Hüify marketing). This works out great for consumers, as companies are incentivized to keep them on board.

Don’t see a bundle that fits your needs? Consider contacting the business. They’re likely more motivated to meet your needs than you know.

Creative Solutions

As mentioned above in the example of sportsbooks and casinos, the best bundled deals come from distinct companies or fields that work together. This philosophy in bundling has led to some truly innovative solutions in terms of product sales.

While Netflix, Apple, and other giants have created seamless bundle deals, some of the most creative deals can be found from smaller companies. One example is Running Buddy, which provides kits for runners who want to track their progress.

Another is MagMod, which connects professional photographers with comprehensive shoot kits. Death Wish Coffee is another specialized group that creates bundles for different consumer interests, from Keurig lovers to pour-over snobs. Looking for a creative bundle? A solution is likely just a Google search away.

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