5 Beauty Staples You Should Never Travel Without

When traveling, I make it a personal goal to pack light – I believe that people who check baggage just don’t have it figured out. Everyone has their go-to travel list of the things they “must” bring at all costs. These lists usually include some weird type of pillow or universal phone charger (still very important things).

If you make a beauty staples “must-have” list with your eyelash extension kit and satin pillow, you may be considered high maintenance. However, in a moment you will see why there are five essential beauty items that no woman should travel without.

Eyelash Extension Kit

If you’re not a regular wearer of natural eyelash extensions, this recommendation may seem a touch out of place, but you may want to consider it anyway. An at-home or travel eyelash kit can be super useful.

If you’re like me and don’t like to have to apply make-up all over when traveling, (but still want to look good), wearing eyelash extensions can brighten up your whole face. It gives your eyes the look of being made-up, even when they aren’t.

Bring your do-it-yourself eyelash extension kit and live the low maintenance make-up life when traveling.

Make-Up Removers

Even if you don’t wear a ton of make-up when traveling, it can be hard to trust soaps in hotels and stays, especially if you have sensitive skin. Make-up removers are a very easy way to wash up without drying out your skin or exposing it to irritants from an unknown soap.

An important note about traveling – when you are washing your face, there is more to consider than just the soap you use. If you are using your regular soap and the water at your destination, you may end up exposed to irritants in the water itself.

That is why make-up removers are a great travel idea. Not only do they safely remove your make-up, but many of them also condition your skin so there is no need to wash your face again afterwards. They also make for a great touch-up and refresher when on an airplane or someplace where you can’t get access to running water. They are also great for washing hands and any items that may get an unexpected splash. (I once used a makeup remover to clean my phone case).

Nail File

You don’t need to have acrylic, gel, or high-maintenance nails to need a nail file on hand when traveling. We all tend to occupy ourselves on planes, trains, and automobiles (when not driving) by picking at our nails or polish. Having a nail file is essential.

Chances are there is going to be that one fingernail that catches on everything. Before you know it, and forget about it again, you’ll catch it on your sweater or bag and rip half of your nail off – painfully.

To avoid that, always have a cheap nail file stashed in your purse or carry-on. Don’t pack it in your luggage. You will always need it when you don’t have access to it, so the trick is to have access to one all the time.


Much like the nail file, these little classics need to be in everyone’s travel bag (men included!). Handy for removing hang nails, and more importantly, to remove the stray eyebrow hair that manages to stand straight up.

You may also want this little gadget handy for long nose hairs or a sudden case of unibrow (which should never be allowed to happen).

Tweezers are also great for pulling out splinters, fixing glasses, and a multitude of other things that you won’t even think about until you need them.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Not sure if you noticed, but in the last couple of years hotels got wise and stopped putting out toiletries in bathrooms. While they still give you a few tiny bars of soap and an unnamed body wash, the “sample” shampoos and conditioners are a joke.

It’s also almost impossible to find your favorite shampoo and conditioner in a travel size quick bin, so most of us end up with whatever is available, or we fill those awful clear travel bottles with our at-home products.

None of these are acceptable solutions when you can travel with shampoo and conditioner bars that take up less room than a bar of soap.


When packing to travel, even if your desire is to pack light, that doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of your essential beauty items in place of the other travel necessities.

There is nothing wrong with making sure that you have all the comforts of home to make you feel most like yourself when exploring the world. Always remember these five beauty staples that you should never travel without.

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