4 Tips When Buying Wellies for Hiking

Are you planning for a hiking getaway and are scouting for the right outdoor footwear? Well, understand that comfort comes first and what you have on your feet while on the move matters a great deal. Hiking involves walking on very diverse terrains. The terrains vary from general terrains, stage trails to technical trails. These three will dictate what you determine the type of wellingtons you purchase.

To ensure you get a comfy feel while at it, consider:

I. The terrain

How rugged or smooth a place will influence the type of outdoor footwear you get. General terrains and stage trains are easy and are mostly meant for beginners in hiking outfit. They are less intense hence less trouble when searching for a pair of wellingtons. Consider a pair with a wider tread while on muddy and smooth terrain for grip.

Technical terrains are notorious for obstacles such as rocks, roots, mud, and even steep climbs. In such terrains, you are prone to injuries that can prove fatal therefore getting a pair that fits, offers support, and grip is a sure way of avoiding injury. To achieve maximum support and comfort, ensure that:

• The shoe does not fit too tightly to give breathing room. There should be a gap that allows you to wiggle your toes freely. The space guarantees that anytime you go down a steep area, your toes do not hit the roof of the boots. This is a sure way of avoiding blisters.

• The foot is well held and firm in the shoe. It should be tight enough to avoid unnecessary sliding for purposes of easy walk and flight.

Outdoor footwear such as men’s neoprene wellies has an XS Track Vibron outsole unit that offers superb grip. Tough terrains require that the boot’s sole should be thick enough and preferably made of rubber. Durability is also a key concern if you hike in such conditions frequently.

Arch support is also one thing you need to look out for if you seek comfort. Neoprene wellington boots have a separate arch support console that also acts as a shock absorber. This is most recommended if you have suffered a foot injury before or feel you could use extra support.

If you are likely to pack heavily or walk long distances, consider getting a light, functional pair of footwear that will cause little strain, especially where you will be expected to climb up steep areas or where speed is concerned.

ii. The Weather conditions of the hiking site

Hiking in a cold area weather condition is very much possible. All you need is a well-fitting warm enough quarter fleece and comfy footwear. If you intend to hike during winter, seek Wellies that are well insulated to keep your feet warm. Waterproof muck boots are just what you need where mud and water are involved. Hiking in winter requires that you get the right pair of boots. The height and the waterproof lining helps keep the water, mud, and snow at bay.

Leather boots and Neoprene-lined wellingtons are most recommended in this case. Neoprene creates a warm, supple feel for the foot, hence being suitable for snowy hikes.

Camping outfit during summer should be as light as possible and at the same time protective. Hiking during summer or in deserts requires that you keep light for purposes of comfort. A leather wellington is an option. However, ensure that it has features such as mesh opening that allows for aeration; otherwise, it can get very uncomfortable when the heat builds up.

iii. The material it is made of

 Wellingtons made of rubber are comfortable, have more grip, and are gentle on the feet than stiff plastic ones. Rubber camping footwear is more durable than plastic ones. Leather wellingtons are also quite warm and classy.

 How you handle your willies will greatly determine how long they will be of service to you regardless of the material they are made of.

 iv. price

The material a pair of wellingtons is made of greatly determines the price it fetches. There is a wide price range to accommodate all financial needs; however, keep in mind that you need to part with more for extra comfort features. Getting a good pair of used wellingtons that are still intact for much less is also an option.

Hiking is fun but could go wrong if the right hiking footwear is not used. You do not want to go back home with sore feet. Take your time to select the right pair of Wellie for the best experience yet.

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