4 Tell-Tale Signs That It Is High Time To Outsource The Hotel Laundry

Have you been looking for tell-tale signs to shut your hotel laundry and outsource it to someone else? Now is the time to do so!

By outsourcing your hotel laundry you can not only improve the efficiency of your business operations, but boost the productivity of your housekeeping staff as well. Also these two are the essential things that help you maximize your business’s profits.

In this article, we are sharing not just one but four signs that state it is time for you to outsource the hotel laundry. We will also be sharing some benefits of the same.

Sign #1 – Your Laundry Equipment Are Turning Out To Be Expensive

When all your supplies are working out for you, the dryers, ironers, and commercial washers seem to be worth the money. But even when one of them stops working, all the repairs and maintenance costs become an expensive affair.

If you have been constantly facing issues with the maintenance or repair work, then it is definitely a sign. Just retire your janitorial suppliesfrom everyday use and outsource the hotel laundry to a firm that specializes in managing laundry for commercial businesses.

Let the outsourced firm look after their commercial equipment, including those dryers and tunnel washers. Also this helps you clean the laundry in bulk, at an affordable rate, and with zero inconvenience.

Sign #2 – You Have A Lot Of Ideas But Not Enough Space

You are hiring more members for the executive team, the housekeeping staff wants more lockers, your guests want a coffee shop facility, and there is not much space to store supplies like bulk laundry detergent

In such situations, it only makes sense to revamp the existing area rather than building a new one. But where can you look for an additional space?

The answer to that question is – your hotel’s laundry room.

Now that you have outsourced your hotel laundry to another company, why not transform the laundry room into something else. You can perhaps use it as a locker room for your housekeeping team or a conference venue for your guests.

Not only will this give you additional space, but help your business in generating more revenue.

Sign #3 – You Are Trying To Reduce Your Additional Expenses

When it comes to the laundry service, the company that specializes in it receives more business as compared to you. This is because they have got the right technology, staff, facilities, and equipment to manage those top-quality linens. They also know how to clean the linens with limited water, electricity, gas, and time.

The functions at the laundry service company are highly inexpensive and they offer similar discounts to the clients they are working for.

If you want you can calculate it for yourself – figure out the laundry expenditure for both direct expenses like bulk laundry detergent, chemicals, and labor and indirect expenses like repair and maintenance of equipment.

With the help of this calculation, compare the quotes offered by the laundry service company and the expenses of your current laundry.

  • Additional Quote Comparison Tip – When collecting quotes from various service companies, opt for the apples-to-apples comparison method.

Are they charging for sorting and delivery of linens? Are they providing scales along with their other services? Are they charging for clean pounds and not the dirty ones?

Ask all these questions before you look for other options and make the final decision.

Sign #4 – You Want To Lower The Carbon Footprint And Become Eco-Friendly

A laundry service company has the potential to use less resources along with highly advanced janitorial supplies. This is what makes them the most energy and cost-efficient laundry outsourcing option.

But with guests becoming more environmentally friendly, they even want the hotel they are staying in to share similar beliefs. 

Here are the services that a laundry company with eco-friendly values offers:

  • A tunnel washer and washing practices that requires 4 times less water as compared to commercial washers.
  • Cost and energy efficient boilers that can produce natural gas and steam for dryers and irons respectively
  • Highly-efficient lighting
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals

Before we wrap it up, here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your hotel laundry.

Helps Lower The Fixed Costs

When you outsource your hotel laundry, you get to save on your capital expenses. This further improves the cash flow and reduces any financial issues during times when you don’t have much business.

Outsourcing the laundry also makes your business more appealing to venture capitalists and helps facilitate your expansion plans.

Lets You Work On Other Important Business Operations

No matter whether you are a manager or business owner, you can easily feel overwhelmed with all the tasks and operations of your hotel.

But when you outsource the hotel laundry, it removes one task from the list. It also lets you concentrate on important functions like motivating the team, interacting with the customers, and offering top-class experience.

Reduces The Power Consumption

When you have an under trained housekeeping team and under capacity load, it often results in additional consumption of electricity. To prevent this from happening, it is best to outsource the laundry service.

Helps Improve The Quality Of Service

Offering in-house laundry service can get a tad bit overwhelming because of it being a monotonous task. Also it requires you to constantly train your staff to make sure the best service is being offered.

But this can be a little tasking. So it is better to outsource that service and let the outsourced company deliver top-quality laundry services to your customers.

Streamlines The Business Functions And Offers Precise Budgeting

As a part of the hotel industry, exceptional hospitality has to be your number one priority. But with all the tasks in hand, it can get a little difficult.

So it is best to outsource one section of it. This way, you can streamline all the business functions, prepare a budget for the future, and be flexible with changes.

The Bottom Line

If you ever come across any of the above-mentioned signs, let alone all four of them, know that it is time to finally outsource the hotel laundry. Opting for a commercial laundry service company not only frees up your time, but lets you focus on ways to expand your firm and generate more revenue.

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