4 Impressive Features iPhone 11 Has to Offer

Apple never failed to surprise us with the devices they released throughout the past years. The smartphones they offer are primarily known for their solid hardware and clean interface. Not only that, but they also incorporated new features into the latest iPhones, which some individuals might not know. Here is a list of impressive features that explain why there is still a high demand for the Apple iPhone 11 in Singapore.

Feature #1: True Tone

Each smartphone user has a different preference when it comes to his/her device’s display. For those with sensitive eyes, True Tone will automatically tone down your iPhone’s display as needed. By making the display warmer, any harsh blueish light immediately disappears. This perk is ideal if you typically spend lots of time on your device, especially in low-light environments.

Feature #2: QuickTake

Have you ever wished that there was a quick way to swap to video mode so you won’t miss a moment? This part is where QuickTake comes to the rescue. With its help, switching to video mode is possible with a press of a button. The only thing you need to do is hold the shutter during photo mode to record videos.

Feature #3: Wi-Fi 6

Those who are dissatisfied with their internet speeds would surely admire iPhone 11’s support for Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. As one might expect, this connection type provides quicker speeds and improved connectivity – up to gigabits per second. Having this functionality would give you a much smoother gaming or streaming experience.

Feature #4: Portrait Mode

Portrait mode utilizes two cameras to capture impressive shots with great depth. The previous iPhone, particularly the XS variant, had this issue where portrait photos zoomed in more than some users would like. Since the iPhone 11 combines wide and ultra-wide cameras, dealing with this problem won’t be necessary anymore.

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