4 Easy Homemade Fly Traps You Should Know About

Flies are a nuisance. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, they appear. They are very good at flying right past your face and you invariably miss them when you try to swipe them. On top of this, they land on every surface in your home, including your food and where you prepare food.

They are known to carry a variety of diseases and can spread them through contact with the aforementioned surfaces. In short, you want to get them out of your house and keep them out.

One of the best approaches is to use modern devices, such as ultraviolet fly traps, that eliminate the flies effectively and resolve the issue for you. However, if you prefer to deal with them yourself there are several homemade fly traps that could be useful:

  1. Jug Trap

You’ll need a large jug as this allows you to capture plenty of flies and kill them. To start with cut off the top of a two-liter bottle, preferably one without anything in it.

You can then place this upside down in the jug. Next, pour in a cup of vinegar and a few drops of fruit-scented dish soap. Then, add a cup of water with two large spoons of sugar in it.

Lower the top of the two-litre bottle into the jug as close to the bottom as possible. You can tape it in place if needed.

You’re then ready to put it on the counter where you know flies like to visit. They will be attracted by the sweet smell, enter the inverted jug, and be unable to get back out.

  • Sticky paper

This is really easy but surprisingly effective. Simply place a spoon of honey in ¼ cup of water and warm it to ensure the two are blended.

You can then get some paper and cut it into strips. Coat one side of the strips in the honey mixture and then put them on the window sill or anywhere else where flies like to go. They will be attracted to the sweetness and land on the paper before finding they are unable to take off again.

  • The Beer Trap

All you need for this is an old jar or even a beer bottle, you know how attracted flies are to beer! In essence, it is similar to the first trap. The difference is the funnel is made out of paper, allowing the flies into the bottle but preventing them from leaving.

A little dish soap in the bottle can help make it seem even more attractive.

  • Plants

Flies have a strong sense of smell which is useful when they are searching for food. However, this also means they can smell things like peppermint and bay leaves from a long distance. They really don’t like the smell of these plants, along with basil, pine, rosemary, and even eucalyptus.

Plant these around your entry points and you’ll see far fewer flies in your home.

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