3 Common HR Challenges Of The 2020s

These Are Shaping Up To Be The Most Common HR Challenges Of The 2020s

The 2020s are already shaping up to be one of the most challenging decades on record for HR managers. Many of these challenges are the result of the coronavirus and the catastrophic impact it has had on many American workplaces. Other challenges, however, are the result of societal trends that have been years in the making. These are 3 of the most challenging issues that HR managers and departments are facing so far in 2020. 

Keeping Workplaces Safe And Compliant

Worker safety is of the utmost importance in any decade, and keeping workplaces safe – as well as compliant with state regulations – has always been a challenge. The outbreak of COVID-19 has made this challenge even harder. One of the biggest problems is that state regulations regarding social distancing and workplace sanitation seem to change every week. To make matters worse, there is so much conflicting information regarding these regulations. As an HR manager, it is up to you to ensure that your workplace stays safe and compliant. 

You also need to institute these precautions in a way that gives your employees the confidence they need to do their jobs effectively. As a solution, many companies have chosen to allow more employees to work remotely. Remote work has been on the increase for years now, but the coronavirus has exacerbated this trend. Unfortunately, this will not be a viable solution for every company, let alone every position. In the “post-COVID” world, employers must be especially diligent about employee health and safety. 

Retirement Planning

The 2020s have also changed retirement planning in several profound ways. Again, many of these changes are due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Here are just a few of the ways that the coronavirus has changed retirement planning:

  • The volatile stock market has reduced the value of many retirement plans
  • Employees are contributing less money to their plans
  • Early withdrawals from retirement plans have increased

The economic downturn has decimated some retirement plans. Due to economic uncertainty in the short term, the average American worker is making smaller contributions to his or her 401k retirement plan.  This economic uncertainty has also caused the average American worker to make early withdrawals from his or her retirement plan. All of this is very troubling for HR managers. As an HR manager, it is your job to choose a 401k retirement plan that works for your employees and to encourage them to use it. You need to help your employees see the big picture. 

Finding New Talent

Finding new talent is also a challenge in the 2020s. This has less to do with the coronavirus and more to do with recent societal trends. How do you reach a new generation of workers who have practically grown up with smartphones? Text recruiting software is one great way to do exactly that. Text recruiting software will help you reach the next generation of talented employees. 

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