14-Year-Old Falls From Ride At Icon Park, Dies. Details Explained!

Orlando’s tourist district is mourning the death of a 14-year-old Missouri boy who plummeted to his death from a 430-foot-tall thrill ride late Friday night. In the late hours of Thursday night, the city’s emergency services reacted to a call from Icon Park, a tourist attraction. There is close proximity between Icon Park and International Drive. As a result of his fall from Orlando Free Fall, a young man suffered injuries.

Accidental death on a trip to Orlando

Later that night, he met a horrible end when he fell from a free-fall attraction at an amusement park that was located along a busy tourist strip. It was the 14th year of his life. ICON Park in Orlando’s International Drive received a phone call Thursday night regarding the Orlando Free Fall rollercoaster that opened in December. Quickly arriving on the scene was a group of investigators from multiple agencies, including the Sheriff’s Office.

The boy was in critical condition when he arrived at Arnold Palmer Hospital and passed away shortly after his arrival. Tyre Sampson, born and raised in Missouri and flown in with his family to spend spring break in Orlando, was present in the region. As Sampson and his buddies boarded the ride at approximately 11:20 p.m., pleas for assistance could be heard coming from within the platform itself. An unidentified passenger slips out of their seat approximately five seconds into the drop. At this point, the tower has been down approximately two-thirds of the way.

The camera abruptly drops to see a dead person lying on the ground floor of a brick skyscraper, causing the startled bystanders to let out horrified gasps. Someone or more than one person sheds a tear. There are ambulances on their way! As soon as the ride comes to a stop, passengers immediately begin begging the operators and workers to allow them to exit the vehicle. If there are unsure employees working the rides, another worker will approach them and ask them.

Falling from an Orlando Attraction: A 14-Year-Old Boy Is Killed

According to deputies from the sheriff’s office, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, where he was taken after the incident. After the incident, no one knew more about the teen. Social media users began sharing footage of the horrible collision on Friday morning, and it quickly spread. Passengers complained about seat restraints after Thursday’s “Today” on NBC. After some time, passengers reported falling off the attraction as it climbed the tower.

According to Stine, both Slingshot and Free Fall will permanently be removed from the game in the near future. His company is responsible for maintaining the two rides in IconPark. Even while the 430-foot thrill ride is marketed as the world’s tallest freestanding drop tower, Orlando’s tallest building, the SunTrust, is only 11 feet shorter. Stine has been unaware of any reviews of Free Fall since it opened in December. Those questioned by police reported that everything was in order.

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