10 Ways You Can Increase Your Maths Grades by 30%

Math anxiety is a real thing. Researcher estimate that roughly 20% of the population suffers from it. This, and a couple of other factors, may be why your maths grades have been on the floor.

So, what can you do about it?

Well, directly dealing with math anxiety is a whole different topic. However, in most cases, doing the following can quickly improve your maths grades by 30%.

Be Proactive in Class

Stop being the student who rarely engages their tutor in class. Attend every math class and don’t miss any lectures. This gesture will show your teacher that you’re interested in the subject, and they’ll be more willing to help you through the difficult lessons and topics.

Also, don’t be shy of asking as many questions as possible, however dumb they may sound.

Do More Homework and Tests

Find a quite location after class where you can do several tests and homework. This location can be your bedroom or the local library with minimal distractions.

A quiet environment allows you to focus better and understand the mathematical ideas and concepts. You also get to appreciate the value of maths in general.

Have a Positive Attitude Towards Maths

Feeling disappointed, defeated, or frustrated can quickly spiral you into poor mathematics performance. Change your attitude and start having a positive outlook towards the subject, its topics, and concepts.

A positive attitude improves your motivation, making you work harder, read more, be more proactive in class, and have fun learning and implementing math beyond school.

Identify Your Weak Areas

Before you develop a plan of action to shoot your grades up by 30%, you need to pinpoint where exactly you’re struggling. Is there any drastic change between the last two performances? Which math concepts do you find troublesome?

Identifying your weaknesses shows you where you need to focus.

Understand the Techniques, Methods, and Formulae

This is perhaps the most obvious yet overlooked way to improve your maths grades. The more you know the basics, the less you’ll struggle grappling with some concepts. Knowing how to apply the formula in maths is getting halfway there.

Moreover, understanding the methods, formulae, and techniques helps avoid the notorious blank spaces most students leave in their exam papers.

Stay on Track with The Syllabus

Make sure you are aware of the progression of your class, and you understand the concepts being taught. Even if you don’t understand the concepts in class, take some time home to go over them and ensure you’re always on track with the teacher.

Get Help from Other Students

There are so many ways to explain a concept in maths. So, if your teacher’s explanation made no sense, try asking another student to explain it to you. Their explanation might enhance your understanding of the concept.

Write Down Every Step of Your Problem Solving on Paper

For each math problem you are given, figure out the steps needed to solve it. Then, write down these steps every other time you solve the problem on paper. This way, you’ll improve your memory of the formulas and concepts applied.

Develop Priorities and Organize Yourself

Improving organization in class helps improve your learning. Keep your desk organized with your notebooks and backpacks kept well for easy access and revision.

Invest in Proper Maths Resources

How much you can learn is also determined by the number of resources you can access. Invest in proper online maths resources with tests and prediction exams to improve your grades significantly.

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