10 Multifunctional Pieces for Your Bedroom

Good sleep is important to strengthen your immunity and productivity. Quality sleep also helps you maintain a healthy BMI.

Your bedroom has an impact on the quality of sleep you get each night. Making this vital room beautiful will go a long way towards ensuring you get a much-deserved rest every night.

Besides, a cosy and functional bedroom will ensure you are always happy when you wake up and before you go to sleep. One way of sprucing up your bedroom is by adding versatile accessories.

Multipurpose items improve the décor and style of your bedroom while still meeting your objective. If you are looking for multifunctional pieces of bedroom furniture Syndey, here is some inspiration for versatile accessories this year.

  1. Platform Bed Frame 

A platform bed frame with under-bed storage is a great addition to your bedroom. The bed storage has containers that can easily roll in and out ofbed to give you adequate space to store your stuff.

2. Rolling Nightstand

A rolling nightstand is a must-have in your bedroom. It provides plenty of space where you can store books and treasures. Moreover, you can use the rolling nightstand to put a vase with flowers. Talk about style and functionality!

3. Mirror With a Vanity Tray

A vanity tray attached to a stunning mirror in your bedroom is a perfect tool for all your storage and stylish preferences. You can store your beauty essentials for easy accessibility. 

4. Ladder Desk

A ladder desk comes with a desk and bookcase. Use it to store your books, plants, then add some home decor to the bookcase. The desk is big enough for a monitor or a laptop. Apart from providing storage space, it will also be the perfect working area. ]

5. Small Industrial Clothing Rack

A small industrial clothing rack is made of a footboard and perfectly designed white rails. You can store all your clothes and add bottom shelves to be used as a shoe rack. Adding shelves provides adequate storage for your bags and scarves. 

6. Floating Nightstand

Another multifunctional bedroom piece that’s an absolute must-have is a floating nightstand. This vital accessory allows you to free up floor space in your bedroom. The sandi-style floating nightstand is made of solid oak wood with a matte finish.  This makes it easy to blend effortlessly with most bedroom décor. You can use the sandi-style floating nightstand that has an alarm clock beside lamps and shelves. What is more, you can store your favourite accessories here.

7. Gentleman’s Chest

A gentleman’s chest can save space and give your bedroom that masculine look you have always wanted. It can be your dresser and closet storage for general things. This will provide you with some much-needed storage for clothes, linens, and other accessories.

8. Bench With a Hideaway Storage

Need some extra sitting space in your bedroom with hidden storage? Well, a bench with hideaway storage is just the perfect idea. Use it to store decorative pillows when not in use, extra beddings, and fresh linen.

9. Multi-purpose Stackable Shoe Rack

You can store several pairs of shoes in your multipurpose stackable shoe rack. Moreover, you can use the other shelves on the stackable shoe rack to keep your toiletries and other storage boxes. 

10. Double Closet Rod

Using your double closet rod can expand the space in your closet. When you install the double closet rod in your closet, you’re able to hang so many clothes than when you directly hang them. This will keep your wardrobe clean and neat. 


Multipurpose accessories will make the most use of your bedroom space. Not only that, but versatile furniture will help you save money as they can quickly adapt for different uses.

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