10 Business Ideas For Women That You Can Start With Low Investment

Women entrepreneurs are conquering the business world. It is not a personal view, but a fact in the 2018 report of the State of Women-owned Business. There is a massive increase by 3,000 times in female entrepreneurs owned businesses since 1972. It is proof that in this world dominated by men, women are finding their niche slowly but steadily.

Low investment business ideas for women

The woman of today has excellent skills, a desire to prove her worth, logical and rational thinking power, many innovative ideas and a mindset to excel. The only factor which is a big hurdle in her way to becoming a successful businesswoman is the availability of funds. There are some low investment business ideas with great potential for success. Various financial institutions offer different schemes of business loan for women. Here are some of these business ideas:

List Of Business Women Can Started With Loan Easily:

  1. Beauty salon and consultancy: This is a booming business with the profit graph always going upward. You can have a salon to cater to various types of beauty treatments, be it a makeup artist, you can have your range of beauty products, or can be a representative of some beauty product manufacturing company.
  2. Baking and Catering service: If you are a good cook or an excellent baker, this is an ideal business for you. Mouthwatering varieties of food and delicious bakery products are integral parts of parties and celebrations. Within no time, you can build a loyal cliental for your catering firm who cannot do without your tasty cuisine.
  3. Online Teaching: If there is a teacher hidden somewhere within you, this is the best work for you. Online education is gaining popularity because of its anywhere and anytime access. You can have video lectures on YouTube, your blogs, website, articles or e-materials.
  4. Educational products: You can put your creativity to its best use in this type of work. Audiobooks, counting aids, colourful charts, models, worksheets and many more can make the task easy for the students as well as the teachers alike.
  5. Counselling: Depending on your expertise, you can be online or offline counsellor to people from different walks of life. Education, family, career, health, travel, investment etc. are some of the fields where counsellors have plenty of scopes.
  6. Online business – retail or wholesale: Online selling of physical products, especially fashion line, cosmetics, baby products, books, flowers, etc. is on the rise. It saves time and offers multiple choices to select. You can do this business with the least amount of funding from the comfort and convenience of your home.
  7. Content writer and marketing: Branding and promotion is key to the success of every business. You can be a content writer and can promote a brand, idea, product, or service through your write-ups. Online marketing of goods and services can also give you a good return and recognition.
  8. Plants Nursery, Gardening and Agriculture: Gardening skills can give you good fame and fortune. You can sell plants, design a garden, have a small piece of land to grow organic vegetables and fruits, or go for organic farming. You can be your boss and doing the work that you like the most.
  9. Interior designing: A beautiful home is everyone’s dream. You can be that dream maker by designing the interiors of a home. It needs only your skill, not the funds.
  10. Fashion designer: Your knowledge about the trending fashion, fabrics and style can make you a millionaire. With a little investment, you can start your fashion line or can create magic with fabric.

Women entrepreneurs can make a significant contribution to the national economy. Hence compare the different business loan interest rate offered by different NBFCs and banks and apply which one suits you. Low investment business ideas can grow into a world-class business house owned by a woman.

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