10 best Golf Equipments for Beginners

Every sport has its rules, regulations, and paraphernalia of essentials required to play and enjoy the game optimally. Golf is certainly no different. This is a sport that has its requirements in terms of different pieces of equipment of the game, attire needed to keep the golfers safe and comfortable, and other items for extra support. A golfer has to ensure that he has all of these items to play a quality match. In the course of this narrative let us take a look at the golf equipments required for a satiating game.

Golf Clubs

Whenever we think of the essentials required for a proper golf game the very first thing that comes to our mind is the golf clubs. For a proper game of golf, golfers need more than a single piece of the club. Ideally, a golfer requires a set of 14 pieces of clubs, each with different handle lengths, the shape of the club, etc. They contribute to improving the core sport.

Golf balls

Once we are done with the clubs the next very important item for a golf game is the golf ball. You can get different types of golf balls in the market. Some are fashioned to improve the driving distance whereas others are designed to enhance the accuracy of the player. If you are just beginning with the sport it is imperative that you buy a couple of boxes of these balls, as the balls either often get lost or gets damaged.

Golf Tees

Tees are very important for a proper golf game, especially on par of 4s and 5s. It is all the more so where teeing up along driver or with a 3-wood is used as an approach to the hole. Tees come in different materials and lengths.

Golf Bag

A golf bag is a very important golf essential that helps the golfer to arrange and store all the other equipments needed for the sport. You can find a wide variety of such golf balls in the market where you can find the low end and economic golf bags along with sophisticated, fashionable, and fancy golf bags. At the time of buying the bag spare attention to its material, preferably it must be waterproof. The inner linings and the chains and other securing systems are just as important.

Golf Attire

Golf in every sense is a rather traditional game. Conventional and formal clothes are preferred by most of the golf clubs. Additionally being an outdoor game you must also buy golf clothes which are comfortable for all day long outdoor wear. Cotton or any other soft breathable material in soft muted colors is always preferred for the sport.

Golf Shoes

Shoes are of paramount importance in any sport. In the case of golf, you will need proper shoes that have rubber spikes in the bottom sole. This helps you to get a better grip on the ground while playing and also prevents any sudden falls. Shoes are a part of the golf dress code and can spoil your image if not selected with care.

Dark color towels

Always have a couple of dark towels handy for rubbing and polishing the ball in between the strikes. The dark color will easily camouflage the brown mud streaks and can save you embarrassment.

An Umbrella

Being an outdoor game in certain parts of the world the golfers are always at a risk of facing the scorching sun or sudden rain showers. An umbrella can be the last minute help in both situations.

Head Gear

Proper head gear like a cap or an eyeshade can help you feel more comfortable when out in bright sunlight. It will help you see things with clarity even from a distance.

Proper gloves

While playing golf it is imperative to have an uncompromising grip on your golf clubs. This can get difficult as your hand gets increasingly sweaty. Golf gloves can help you in this context.

Quality equipments and assisting items can help to improve the quality of your game to a considerable extent. Hence the next time you shop for them, invest in the right places.

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